Seller Spotlight Sunday: Digital Mojo

Welcome to my Seller Spotlight Sunday.
Every Sunday on my blog there is a guest post from another fabulous TpT Seller. They will be sharing one free resource from their store, one paid resource from their store and something that they have been up to that week or similar! 

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Up this week is Teresa Koontz from Digital Mojo with her fabulous clipart!

Hi there, I’m Teresa from Digital Mojo on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I create educational clipart for teachers and teacher sellers.  
I am also a mother of a kinder and preschooler, both very active and fun boys.

I have a drawing book where I like to sketch my clipart and a few months ago, I noticed someone else was sketching in my book… 

My kinder loves to draw.
Not long after, my kinder started drawing when I was drawing.  So, I thought he might be interested in some directed drawing activities.  Christmas was approaching, and I began creating a “How to draw…” series, like “How to draw Santa Claus, and How to draw the Gingerbread Man. Which was a big hit with him and his school mates. 

I uploaded the resources to TPT and have found…
Other students like directed drawing.
This week, I finished How to draw Arctic Animals and hope you get the chance to check this resource out too, you can find it here.

Did you know penguins do NOT live the Arctic?
I didn’t know. At least not until after I created a penguin and how to draw one.  They actually are native to the Southern Hemisphere.  Since they didn’t fit with my How to draw Arctic animals, I have uploaded it as a free resource here:

Thanks for stopping by to read another great seller spotlight. Be sure to head on over Digital Mojo's store and check out all her wonderful resources that are great for the classroom!

If you have students who love to learn to draw don't forget to check out the freebie on 'How to draw a penguin' on her store! It'll be a great way to keep your students occupied and engaged.

Be sure to come back next week and check out the next seller spotlight!


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