My Goals for 2016

I still can't believe we're in 2016. The year has flown by!

I've spent the past week wondering about my resolutions, I'm usually pretty good and stick to them, it gave me a chance to reflect on last years. 
I made 3 goals last year:
  • To stop eating pork. 
  • To put time and effort into TpT, making a shop. 
  • To go on more great holiday adventures.

I can honestly say, I achieved all three. I have refused to touch pork ever since, and boy do I feel much better for it. I put a lot of time and effort into my TpT store with I think definitely can show now, and the third more holiday adventures, I can certainly say yes to that! We took my parents and Nathan's mum with us to Dubai this year - we love it there and they could never understand why so we dragged them along - they loved it! Then in August we done 2 weeks in America - Florida and New York. I feel blessed to be able to travel to so many wonderful places each year and love it!

Anyway, back to the point, 2016 goals. I've really put a lot of time and thought into them this year and I was considering what to do - should I do a big blog post on them? Should I do an insta thing? What?!

Then, I found this great link up by Principal Principles. I gotta be honest, the graphics caught my eye and I fell in love! So I'm linking up to share 4 goals for 2016.

Here goes..

I love TpT for so many reasons, one being that I get to meet so many wonderful other professionals! I had so much great advice off other TpTers this past year and it really helped me to blossom. Now, although I'm no expert and still have a lot to learn, one of my goals for 2016 is to be able to help 1 other TpTer every single day. Whether it be to offer advice on blog designers, giving feedback on a resource, proof reading, sharing their store etc. I want to give back and help others out too!

Get fit and healthy. 
To be honest, I'm a pretty healthy, active person and I'm not really in desperate need to do this, but alas, every year I feel the need to, especially after the Christmas binge. It's not so much that I eat a lot of junk it's more that I just eat a lot over the Christmas period - especially with having a lot of meals out! Anyway, we are due another two holidays this year and I want to get into the best shape for them. So I want to be exercising at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes a time - to start with! And to really shake up my diet. This year I'm gonna give the Whole30 a few goes - I'm just so fussy I don't know if I'll manage it!

My main goal however is:
To stay focused on my dreams and do the best that I can.

This is something I really believe in. I'm still at that age where I just don't know what to do first, I know what I want out of life, I know what my dreams are, I share them all with my partner - we're exactly the same and our dreams are so in tune! I just have to figure out which order to achieve them in! I know this year I'm really going to put a lot of effort and hard work into starting to climb those ladders to achieving my dreams! :)

Build more friendships.
I love TpT for giving me the chance to build so many great friendships - both professional and personal. I've built up a great amount of friends through it from all over the World and I love it!! I'd really love to be able to carry on doing this over the next year and build up even more new, great relationships! I'm always looking to collaborate with anyone for anything so never be shy to stop and say hi or get in touch! :)

Well, that's it for me and my main goals for 2016. Of course, through the year I set myself little monthly goals but you'll probably see all those throughout the year! What are your goals?!

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