Five for Friday 22.1.16

It's Friday and I wasn't really sure if I'd have time to take part this week, but I'm so glad I do!

It's been a crazy busy week and I'm not sure I have enough photos to share everything that happened but I'll give it a go!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching again for her wonderful Five for Friday link up party!

Well this week was the TpT sale! I love a good sale, there's so many great resources on the website made by teachers that are just perfect for the classroom! The resources are all already at great prices for what is included but when it's sale it means you get an extra 28% saving too! Did you shop the sale? I always love stocking up on clipart. I'm actually too embarrassed to share the clipart i've bought because it's way too much!

We have been making these dinosaur crafts in class this week! The kids have absolutely loved them and they were so easy t put together! Now we're just wondering whether we do more types of dinosaur in the same way and build a collection!

The kids love all things messy play and of course, anything dinosaur related! So this week we made glitter jelly (yep, it's really a thing!) then we put it in a bowl, added lots of dinosaurs in and then froze it overnight in the freezer. The kids loved digging out the dinosaurs that were frozen in the bowl - plus they got to eat the jelly while they went along! It was so much fun!

Me and Nath decided this year that we would really try to get fit and healthy. To be honest, we're not really un healthy but we do lack on our exercise now. I do pilates/yoga through the week but 3 times a week we now go jogging! And each weekend we're going to do a long walk! Our first jog went really well! We jogged along our beach coast - we're so lucky it's close by and it was great! But Nath got struck down with really bad flu so we haven't been out since - so there's been a lot of yoga going on!!

And 5, is a tricky one, so much has happened this week, yet as I've stopped to write it down for my 5 for Friday I've gone blank! So I think i'll leave it as 4 - and a half - ish! 

Have a great weekend guys!



  1. You are lucky to have a beach close by! Happy Workout! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I bought a ton of clip art too! I try to wait for the big sales to buy it. Have a great weekend!

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