100th Day Fun!

As you all know, I love all things theme wise in the classroom,
so you can imagine my face when I heard about the 100th Day Celebration!

Without sounding dull, I actually thought ' what is this?! '

Well, I spoke to a few American friends who explained that it's a big thing they celebrate with the students to celebrate their 100th day in School.

Naturally, I fell in love! I spent ages doing different things, getting involved with it and thinking up different activities that students would love, and behold, I came up with the 100th Day Work Book!

This blog post is going to go more into detail of my 100th Day Work Book followed by some fun and games you can hold in your Classroom for the 100th Day!

I'm sat here grinning sharing this long pin y'know. It took me ages to get my butt into gear and practise these long pins, this was my first one, I think I spent longer sat beaming at it than it actually took to make it!

So, what's included in this work book I hear you ask?
Well to be honest, it would probably be quicker to tell you what's not in it!

It has a total of 21 pages of activities as well as a certificate and a crown at the end as rewards!

The certificate comes in col/b&w option for your preference. There are also two different covers included too - boy or girl!

This is such a low prep activity, you can literally print and hand out!

It has two types of spelling - color and colour included (American/British) in two different PDF documents for your suitability. 

The activities included are:
  • Color by Number / Colour by Number
  • Color by Sight Word / Colour by Sight Word
  • What comes next? Counting in 1s
  • What comes next? Counting in 2s
  • What comes next? Counting in 5s
  • What comes next? Counting in 10s
  • Labelling activity
  • Sight Word Tracing: Pre Primer
  • Sight Word Tracing: Primer
  • Sight Word Tracing: First
  • Sight Word Tracing: Second
  • Sight Word Tracing: Third
  • Collecting 100 items
  • Trace 100 sight words (from pre primer to first)
  • Count to 100 - fill in the number grid
  • Mystery number grid coloring/colouring
  • 100 year old selfie and writing task
  • Find and highlight 100 - how many?
  • 100 items to color/colour
  • How many times can you complete the actions in 100 seconds?
  • Discussing 100
  • 100th Day Champion Certificate - B&W and Col option
  • 100 Days Smarter Crown
Students will just love completing this work book and having their rewards at the end - crown and certificate! There are so many activities to keep them engaged and focused with so low prep for you - it's a perfect combination!

I've got some examples below for you of Ben & Emma who completed the work books! They loved them and couldn't get through them quick enough! 


They worked so hard completing the work books and were so excited to receive their rewards at the end of it!

But of course, there are also loads of fun games you can take part in to celebrate the 100th Day too! Just click on the images for the link! These are all great ideas by wonderful teachers from all over! Their blogs/sites are so worth checking out to bring some fun into your classroom!

You could make a giant photo frame with some props! 

You could make up some snazzy labels and give some treats to your students!

You could decorate your classroom! You could even make the decorations with your students to make it more personal!

You could even do fancy dress - everyone can dress like they're 100 years old!

Whatever you get up to on 100th Day I hope you and your students have lots of fun! Be sure to leave a comment here and let us know if you have anything fab planned already! 


PS - Please feel free to link up your 100th Day Blog Posts or resources! InLinkz is an amazing resource especially for blog link ups and parties! Click the button below to re-direct if you're interested in signing up!



  1. Thanks for hosting this great link up!

  2. Thank you for hosting. I LOVE the 100th day of school. A bit exhausting for the teachers, but so much fun for the kiddos.

  3. Oh how fun to read about all of the cool things you do to celebrate the 100th Day of School with your kiddos! I find that even my big fourth-graders love ANY excuse to celebrate - but don't we all?!? Thank you for sharing - and kudos to you for creating your beautiful long pin! You have every reason to beam at it!!! xo


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