Day 16 of Christmas Fun!

Welcome to the 16th Day of my Christmas Fun blog series. Today is going to be the last day of my Christmas Fun series, because it's my last day in work! Can you believe School is already out for Christmas? It's gone so quick!

So, I thought I'd end this blog series with a real fun cookery activity - a Chocolate Christmas Pudding made out of Terry's Chocolate Orange and Maltesers.

It's quite a fiddly activity and can take a little longer to complete than you would think, but the result is super worth it! We sent these home with the kids and the families were over the moon with them! They even make a great gift to give out too! Plus - don't they just look super yummy?

Follow the directions below to find out how you can make this adorable pudding!

What you will need:
  • Box of maltesers
  • Terry's chocolate orange
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Bar of milk chocolate
  • Bar of white chocolate
  • Green royal icing
  • Red glazed cherries
  • Paper plate
Follow the directions below:

  • Melt the bar of milk chocolate in a heatproof bowl in the microwave.
  • Unwrap the Terry's chocolate orange and place onto greaseproof paper on top of a paper plate.
  • Open the maltesers, pull them out, one by one, dip into the melted milk chocolate and then place onto the Terry's chocolate orange - the melted chocolate will make them stick to the Terry's chocolate orange.

  • Once you have covered the Terry's chocolate orange in maltesers, put it into the fridge to harden.
  • After a few hours, once the maltesers have hardened and stuck to the Terry's chocolate orange, pull it out and get your green icing, white chocolate and glazed cherries ready.
  • Melt your white chocolate bar in a heatproof bowl in the microwave.
  • Once melted, pour the white chocolate over the top of the Terry's chocolate orange to make it look like the image above.
  • Cut out two holly leaf shapes out of the green royal icing and place these on top of the white chocolate on the pudding.
  • Add the two glazed cherries on top, in between the holly leaves.
  • Put back into fridge to harden.
  • Once harden - it's done and you're ready to eat!


Day 15 of Christmas Fun!

Welcome to the 15th Day of my Christmas Fun blog series. Today I'm sharing with you this adorable mistletoes craft.

This mistletoes craft is great to have up as a decoration in your home for years to come as a moment of your child(ren)s feet and families will be overwhelmed for you to send these home with your students.

Simply follow the directions below to create this craft.

You will need:
  • Green paint
  • Gold glitter
  • Glue
  • Print out of 'mistletoes'
  • Paintbrush
  • Red card
  • White paper
  • White card
Follow the instructions below:
  • Paint one of the students feet green, then push it down onto the white piece of paper. Then paint the students other foot green, push it down onto another part of the white piece of paper. 
  • Once dry, cut out the footprints.
  • Cut out two small red strips from the red card and glue them onto the top of the white piece of card.
  • Glue each footprint (facing different way - one toes up, one toes down) on the white card just over the red strips of card (so it looks like it's hanging from them).
  • Use the glue to make small dabs around the white piece of card. Then cover with gold glitter.
  • Cut out and glue down 'mistletoes' onto the bottom of the white piece of card.
Happy Crafting!


Day 14 of Christmas Fun!

Welcome to the 14th day of Christmas Fun in my blog series. Today I'm sharing with you one of our most fun crafts. It's a Santa sun catcher.

This is super easy to make, yet looks great as a decoration up around the room and is a great way to improve fine motor skills with students.

Just follow the directions below to create this craft.

You will need:
  • Santa clipart face - find one online and print out.
  • Scissors
  • White tissue paper
  • Red tissue paper
  • Laminating sheet
  • Laminator
  • Glue
Now, follow the instructions below to make this craft;
  • Cut out the beard and hat of Santa - but don't detach it from the rest of the image.
  • Cut up the white and red tissue paper into small squares/pieces.
  • Place the santa image onto the laminating sheet and use a small amount of glue to secure into place.
  • Put some glue on the now empty beard part, then press down white pieces of tissue paper.
  • Put some glue on the now empty hat part, then press down red pieces of tissue paper.
  • Close down the laminating sheet and put through laminator.
  • Cut out santa and put up onto a window for sun to shine through.
Happy crafting!


Day 13 of Christmas Fun!

Can you believe it's already the 13th of December? I have just 3 more days left in work and I can't believe how quick the month has gone! 

So, up today in my 13th Day of Christmas Fun series is this snowman footprint.

This is a super easy craft but families will love to receive as a Christmas keepsake.

So, follow the directions below to find out what you need and what you have to do to make this craft.

First, you're going to need:
  • Blue paper/card
  • Black paper - cut into a hat shape and arm shapes
  • White paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black marker pen
  • Orange marker pen
  • Glue
Now, follow the instructions below:

  • Paint one of your students feet white, then push it down onto the blue paper/card- this is best on the floor. Leave to dry.
  • Once dry, glue down the hat and arms onto the snowman.
  • Use a black marker to draw the buttons and eyes on the snowman
  • Use an orange marker to draw the nose onto the snowman.
Happy crafting!


Day 12 of Christmas Fun!

Welcome to Day 12 of my Christmas Fun series. 
Today is this adorable Olaf craft.

Even though it's been a while since Frozen was released - the kids still seem to absolutely love it! They can't get enough of it! And our kids absolutely love Olaf!

This craft is pretty easy to make. All you're going to need is:
  • Lollipop sticks x 7
  • Googly eyes x 2
  • Black pipe cleaner x 1
  • Orange pom pom x 1
  • Black marker x 1
  • White paint & brush
  • Glue & paintbrush
Once you've got all your pieces, you're ready to start your craft! Follow the simple instructions below to create Olaf:

  • Line up the white lollipop sticks together, glue them so that they stay together and leave to dry - don't move.
  • Still, don't move the sticks, use a paintbrush to paint the lollipop sticks white.
  • Once dry, go back and turn over the lollipop sticks, now paint the other side white.
  • Once dry, decide if more coats are needed - if it's white enough move on to the next step, if not, go back and re-paint both sides again.
  • Cut the black pipe cleaner into 3 pieces, glue onto the top of the lollipop sticks.
  • Glue the two googly eyes underneath the pipe cleaners (hair)
  • Glue the orange pom pom as it's nose
  • Use a black marker to draw a smile onto the sticks.

Happy crafting!


Day 11 of Christmas Fun

It's the 11th day of Christmas - and it's our last week in School this week! I can't believe it's the end of another term - the time is going so quick!

One of my favourite crafts that we have made this month is our Christmas card. Check it out below.

We got the children to use white paint and finger paint the snowmen, one they had dried we used markers to add arms and buttons. They look absolutely adorable in person! I highly recommend having a go at making some!


Day 10 of Christmas Fun

Welcome to day 10 of my Christmas fun blog series. 
Today I'm sharing our handprint reindeers - they are adorable and so personal - your kiddos will LOVE making them.

These are super easy to make, you're just going to need some brown paint, brown felt, small green buttons, black paint, googly eye, black marker, glue and a red pom pom.

First, paint your/your child's hand brown. Put one hand facing up on the page, paint the other hand and put it facing down onto the paper so that it looks like the reindeer above. Leave to dry.

Once dry, use black paint to paint the hooves onto the reindeers feet. Glue down some brown felt and buttons to make the scarf, use a marker to draw the reindeers mouth, glue down the pom pom and googly eye and you're finished!


Day 9 of Christmas Fun

It's December 9th already! Up today is these adorable candy cane heart chocolates. They are super easy to make - and affordable too!

All you need is white chocolate, sprinkles and candy canes. Place two candy canes in the shape of a heart on baking paper. Melt some white chocolate then pour it between the two candy canes. Add some sprinkles on top and put it into the fridge.

Once it's cool and set it's all done!


Day 8 of Christmas Fun

It's the 8th of December and I can't believe how fast December is going! This week we made these adorable rice krispie Christmas trees - they were quite easy to make, looked great and tasted fabulous!

Simply make a cone out of a piece of paper/card and tape it to secure it. Melt some white chocolate in a bowl and add green food colouring to make it green. Next, add the rice krispies and mix it altogether.

Pour the rice krispie chocolate mixture into the cone and leave to set in the fridge. Once hardened, pull out the rice krispie tree from the paper cone and mix up some icing with green food colouring, pour it over the tree and add some rainbow drops as baubles and a star on top of tree.

Vwa-la complete! 

Day 7 of Christmas Fun!

Can you believe we're already a week into Christmas? I love how much you have all been enjoying my Christmas Fun blog series and hope you continue to enjoy it over the next few days!

Today's theme is a fingerprint Christmas card. I can guarantee you this will be a huge hit to send home with your students plus it's so personal with the fingerprints!

Just follow the directions below to make one of these!

What you need
Green card
White card
Selection of paints in a paint palette
Black thin marker
'Merry Christmas' title - printed out
Tissues/wet wipes

  • Fold the green card in half and place it so the flap opens upwards (portrait style)
  • Cut the white card down and stick on the front of the card leaving a small green border around the edges.
  • Use one of the students fingers (either independently or with support from yourself) and dip into one colour/color paint, place onto the card, wash the paint off and do the same with another color/colour, continue this until you are happy with how many lights are on the card. Don't forget to place them at different heights. Leave the paint to dry.
  • Once dry, use a thin black marker pen to draw the lines from the light bulbs to the top of the white piece of card. 
  • Cut out and stick on the Merry Christmas title at the top of the card.
And that is it, you've made your very own fingerprint Christmas card !! If you give these a go with your class or even your children at home be sure to tag me on instagram @teachingautism so I can have a look! Don't forget to check back tomorrow for more Christmas Fun!


Day 6 of Christmas Fun!

Are you ready for Day 6 of my Christmas Fun series? Today we are making Christmas Pudding biscuits! So exciting, they look great and kiddos will love them!

Just follow the directions below to make them yourself!

What you need
Biscuits - these can be chocolate digestives already or plain
Bar of chocolate - to melt, if using plain biscuits
Icing sugar
Mini smarties
Green sweets

  • If you have bought chocolate biscuits skip this step. Melt the chocolate, use a spoon/knife to spread the melted chocolate over one side of the biscuit. Place in the fridge to harden.
  • Follow the instructions on the icing sugar to make icing. Use a spoon/knife to spread the icing on the top of the biscuit on one side only.
  • Use two green sweets to place at the top of the biscuit and shape as holly.
  • Use smarties to decorate the top.
  • Place in fridge to cool and set.
These biscuits are so much fun to make and they look great! If you give these a go be sure to take a photo and tag me on instagram @teachingautism ! 


Day 5 of Christmas Fun!

Wooohooo, day 5 is here already. Today's post is going to be about making a Santa craft using a paper plate! This went down a storm with the kiddos and just looked fab when it was all put together.

Just follow the directions below to learn how you can make one of these with your students!

You will need
Paper plate
Cotton wool balls
Santa hat template
Red Glitter/Paint
Skin tone paint
Small red pom pom
Googly eyes

  • Mix together the paint to get the skin tone that you want to use, paint the paper plate this color/colour and leave to dry.
  • While the paper plate is drying, cut out and decorate the santa hat, red glitter always goes down great and adds extra sparkle to it, don't forget to place a white cotton wool ball at the end! We also use cotton wool scrunched up for the fur lining on the bottom of the santa hat.
  • Once the plate and hat is dry, staple the hat to the paper plate
  • Use glue around the edges of the paper plate and add cotton wool balls all the way around it
  • Place 2 googly eyes and a red pom pom in the middle of the plate for eyes and nose.
And that's it - you have made a Santa paper plate craft! 

As always, if you use this activity, don't forget to take a picture and tag me in it on instagram @teachingautism - I love seeing all the crafts you guys do! 


Elf-tacular Giveaway!

It's already the 5th of December - Christmas is going to be here before we know it! And in this household, we definitely have a lot of Christmas spirit!

December means we get a mischievous little elf appear who gets up to all sorts of tricks! But, this year, our little elf has brought along a fun filled blog hop giveaway with the chance to win a $70 TpT gift card! Thanks to the wonderful TpTers who have joined in on this blog hop with me!

So.. all you have to do is hop through the blog posts (continue the hop by pushing the 'hop on' elf image at the bottom of this post) and find the mischievous elf and the letter that he's holding on each of the blog posts. Once you've collected all 7 letters - on 7 separate blogs - simply unscramble them and use it to unlock the rafflecopter at the bottom of the post! To give yourself more entries, you can then complete the other actions.

Just think of all the fun you can have with your gift card on TpT and all the wonderful resources you can buy!

The giveaway runs until Friday 9th December so be sure to get your entries in by then! As a celebration, today only you can get 20% off everything in my TpT store too! So be sure to head on over and check out all the fab resources here.

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year for me, between singing along to Christmas carols on the radio and buying a crazy amount of presents - more than is probably needed, just because I have so much fun buying for others!

One of the activities that the students love the most however, is having a classroom elf. 

So basically the elf becomes part of the class. The elf is watching the students all the time, and they get to complete a whole range of different Elf/Christmas related activities while still working on their everyday skills.

There are journal pages for students to record what they have seen the elf doing each day - where the elf has been hiding, what activities they've done etc.

*What letter am I hiding?*

Students have to name the Elf. One of the most fun ways is to have a classroom vote - every students gets to vote for a name they like out of the top 4 names. The highest number of votes wins!

And finally, the students get a certificate on the Elf goes back to the North Pole!

If you want to try out the Elf pack for your class, check it out here or click any of the images to be redirected. 

Thanks for reading my post - now be sure to take a note of the letter that the Elf was hiding throughout this post and write it down. Once you have 7 different letters - unscramble them to form the Christmas themed word and then write it into the rafflecopter to unlock the giveaway!

Click the elf below or here to hop to the next blog.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Day 4 of Christmas Fun!

It's Sunday.. but it's also the 4th of December, so welcome to the 4th day of my Christmas Fun blog series. Today is all about Christmas Pudding chocolate mallows.

Yep, this is a great one and you will just love it!

Just continue to read below to find out how you can make these!

Chocolate mallow teacakes (see image below for example)
Icing sugar
Red balls & green holly icing decorations

(chocolate mallow teacakes)

  • Follow the instructions and make white icing
  • Use a spoon or knife to put the icing on top of a tea cake, make sure to cover all the top
  • Place holly and red ball icing decorations on top
And that's it! That's seriously how quick and simple this is to make yet it looks great! If you give these a go be sure to tag me on instagram @teachingautism and show me the finished picture!Nikki 


Day 3 of Christmas Fun!

Welcome back for another day of Christmas fun!
Today is all about making a Christmas tree Christmas card! 
These are lots of fun to make, they look great, they go down well with families of the children whom they go home to plus it's great for getting your students to practice their fine motor skills! 

Continue to read below to find out how you can make these Christmas cards!

What you need
Red card
Variety of sizes/colors(colours) of buttons
Green card
Silver glitter foam
Star button

  • Fold your red card in half (as shown above)
  • Cut out a big green triangle (make sure it fits on the front of your card!)
  • Cut out a base from your silver glitter foam and glue beneath your tree
  • Use glue around the edges of your tree and through it in zig zag movements, place buttons onto each part of the glue - see above.
  • Place a small star button on top of the tree with glue.
When making cards, don't forget to make some nice card inserts for the children to sign to send home! Be sure to tag me on instagram @teachingautism if you get to make any of the crafts or cooking I share throughout December! :)



Day 2 of Christmas Fun!

It's the 2nd of December which means it's Day 2 of my Christmas Fun series! Today is a cookery theme one and it's reindeer mallows!

These go down a storm with the kiddos, they're so much fun to make and aren't too expensive either! Just follow the directions below to make these!

Bar of milk chocolate
Bag of smarties
Bag of pretzels
Small cocktail sticks

  • Melt chocolate
  • Use a small cocktail stick and push into the marshmallow
  • Hold onto the cocktail stick and dip the marshmallow into the bowl of melted chocolate taking care to make sure it's all covered
  • Place 2 pretzels on a plate and then place the marshmallow down on them so that the pretzels appear to be like antlers
  • Place 2 smarties (we used blue) on the top of the marshmallow for eyes
  • Place 1 smartie (we used red for Rudolph) on the front of the marshmallow for the nose
  • Place in the fridge for it to harden so that it stays altogether!
And that's it! Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to find out what else you can make in your classroom that's just perfect for this time of year!


Day 1 of Christmas Fun!

Over the next few weeks I have decided to share something Christmas-y every day that can be done with your class during the lead up to the big day! These will mostly be crafty or cookery ideas! They have been done over previous years by ourselves with students in class and have always gone down a treat!

Up today is a Sock Olaf.

This guy is never going to go out of fashion and he looks great! Plus, the kiddos will love him. Read below for instructions on how to make!

You will need
1 long white sock 
cotton wool balls/stuffing material
white string
googly eyes
small black pom poms
medium white pom poms
orange felt
black felt
print out - arms and hair, just find templates on google. Don't forget to laminate these or print on card to make them stronger

  • Stuff the white sock 3/4 full with cotton wool balls/stuffing material
  • Use the white string, cut into short pieces and wrap around in 2 different parts to form Olafs body, tie the ends tight then cut off any excess string.
  • Put one piece of string on the top of the sock so that it keeps the stuffling enclosed.
  • Find 2 white pom poms, stick them onto the bottom of the body to form his feet.
  • Next, use small black pom poms to make the buttons going up his body.
  • Attach the googly eyes towards the top of the sock
  • Cut out a carrot shape from the orange felt and attach with glue
  • Cut out a smile from the black felt and attach with glue
  • Cut, laminate and stick Olaf's hair on top of his head
  • Cut, laminate and stick Olaf's arms to the sides of his body
Vwa-la, you have your very own Olaf! If you want Olaf to be free standing, before you stuff the sock put something flat and heavy-ish at the bottom of the stock to give him a strong base. 

Don't forget to send me some pics on instagram @teachingautism if you give this a go!



Sensory Issues

It's no secret that anyone diagnosed with autism, can also have differing sensory issues. This blog post is going to touch lightly on the different sensory challenges that they may face.

Sometimes, many of the behaviours that people with autism display could be linked to sensory issues. By working with professionals you can help to work together to avoid any sensory related issues that could be causing stress to the individual(s) with autism.

So, today we are going to discuss;
  • sights
  • sounds
  • taste
  • smell
  • touch


If the individual is under sensitive; objects may appear darker than they are, they may have visual difficulties and differing eye sight - they may not be able to look at things straight on/central, but use peripheral vision instead, they may also struggle with perception of depth - i.e when throwing and catching an object.

If the individual is over sensitive; their vision may be distorted when thing appear to dance around/move, they may zone in and look at a piece of detail on an object rather the whole object i.e a petal on a flower rather than the full flower in flower pot, they may also struggle to sleep at night due to being extra sensitive to light.

Black out blinds are great to use in the bedrooms are any play room etc where the individual may spend a lot of their time, it blocks out any light and really helps to create a dark, calming environment in any room. Sunglasses are also great - especially when getting a good brand which will really help to block out the lights, there are also special light bulbs/lamps/lighting equipment available online and in some stores now that will help individuals who struggle with their sight that will help to create a more suitable environment for them.


If the individual is under sensitive; they may have poor hearing in one or both ears, they may not react or acknowledge some noises/sounds, they may like loud noises, loud environments, crowds, parties, noisy objects, musical instruments such as the drum etc.

If the individual is over sensitive; they may find noises louder than they are, be able to listen to noises from a far distance, they also may not be able to concentrate if there are noises in the background - not being able to block out sounds and having to have pure silence for concentration.

Communicating through sign and symbols are a great way to support students if they are struggling with their hearing, also providing 'choice' times where they are able to have noisy equipment. There should also be opportunity for students who have the opposite to have quiet time, work in a separate room where it's quieter and easier for them to concentrate.


If the individual is under sensitive; they may like strong and spicy foods, eat or place inedible objects in their mouth i.e toys, grass, sticks, faeces, anything they can get their hands on. This condition is also known as pica. 

If the individual is over sensitive; they may have a very restrictive diet where they do not like certain tastes, they may have very sensitive taste buds meaning some foods may taste too strong for them, they may also not be able to cope with certain food textures such as sloppy foods - mashed potato, lumpy foods, runny foods etc.


If an individual is under sensitive; they may have no sense of smell and struggle to smell certain odours - such as their own body odour, perfumes, air fresheners etc. The individual may also put things to their mouth and lick them to try and 'smell' them this way to work out what the object/item is.

If an individual is over sensitive; they may dislike people who have strong smells - strong body creams, hand creams, perfumes, after shave, deodorant etc. They may also find some smells too overpowering - air fresheners, sprays etc. and not be able to cope with these.


If an individual is under sensitive; they may like deep pressure and being held tightly. They will also most likely have a high pain threshold, where they may not even react at times should they fall and hurt themselves as they genuinely may not feel this. They may be unable to feel food in their mouth and they may also self harm - again if this is teamed with where they have a high pain threshold, they may not realise the extent of injuries/damage they are doing to themselves as they can't feel it. Another common part is smearing of faeces because of the texture and chewing on anything and everything that they can get their hands on.

If an individual is over sensitive; they may not be able to cope with any sort of touch or comfort, they may find this 'painful' and will shy away, flinch should anyone come too close or try to touch them. They may not like to wear things such as socks, shoes, gloves etc. on their hands and feet. They may also struggle with certain textures of food, and certain clothing types on their skin, as their skin may also feel sensitive. This can also cause issues when washing.

Chew toys are a great way to help the individuals chew on appropriate objects - instead of anything that they can get their hands on. Having different 'sensory' sessions in class may also help distract the individual away from smearing faeces by offering them an alternative sensory experience with similar texture. There are also a lot of great sensory equipment available everywhere which may help students such as weighted blankets to help provide them with the deep pressure that they may be craving. If an individual can't cope with touch, always show them what you are about to do - offer your hand first, move slowly, be in front of them, and let them come to you/accept before moving forward. Don't rush things - go straight in for a hug - do more simple things, this could be as simple as sitting close to the individual, then moving closer until you are next to them. There are also certain clothing companies out there who cater to individuals with needs like this, you can also cut off labels and remove anything that may be bothering the individual. 

One of the best ways that we have found to help our students with sensory issues is by introducing Sensology sessions. Sensology sessions are a great way for students to explore with all their senses - but also to the amount that they are comfortable with, nobody is 'forced' anything, they are all sat around and invited to join in, but they can also refuse anything. If an individual struggles with eating textures yet agrees to hold an individual food item - this is classed as progress because they are at least willing to hold/touch the item rather than totally dismissing it.



Thanksgiving: Word to Picture Matching

If you follow me on social media you probably already realise just how much I love - and rave about - the word to picture matching activities. We've seen so many students progress so well with these type of activities that I just can't help but boast how great they are. Today I'm going to share a Thanksgiving themed one with you.

The word to picture matching activities are a fantastic resource for the autism classroom, especially with non-verbal students although can also be used within Spec Ed or General Ed Classrooms to promote reading.

It will allow you to be able to monitor if your students are able to recognise and understand different words and link them to the appropriate picture. Many students may learn to just read words but not understanding the meaning behind them, this will help to promote that. 

13 different activities boards in total. 

The first page in the PDF is the instructions page to help you use these to their best potential.

Instructions included on first page to help you set this resource up in your classroom and to use it to your best potential.

If you want any further information on this resource just click here or any of the images above to be redirected. If like me, you love these word to picture matching activities too, then you should totally check out my HUGE growing bundle of Word to Picture matching activities by clicking here that includes almost 900 pages of activities = over 400 different word to picture matching activities in 39 different themes.


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