The Sunday Scoop, 6.12.15

It's the 6th December! Can you believe it? 
Christmas Day will be here before we know it! 

This Sunday I'm feeling a little bit more motivated - and organised thanks to my fab new planner. So I remembered to take part in this fabulous weekly blog linkup called 'The Sunday Scoop!' It's hosted by Teaching Trio, be sure to head on over and check out her blog post too as well as lots of other bloggers!

So, here is my Sunday Scoop

So, let me just do a quick run through of what my scoop is all about

3 Things I HAVE To Do
- Finish my Christmas treat bags
Every year I make these adorable little Christmas treat bags to put in Christmas hampers that I do for the kiddos. Once they are done I'm hoping to upload some pics of them all and then upload the labels to my TpT store for you to grab for free - yes free! They won't be editable but they won't need to be anyway - don't worry! They're perfect for giving to your students for Christmas so keep your eyes peeled!
- Upload a new freebie
Let's face it, if you follow my store you've probably noticed i've really lacked in freebies lately, I'm very sorry, I've been so busy trying to finish resources and getting them uploaded. But don't worry there'll be a good one coming up soon!
- Re-do an old resource cover
Seriously, I really need to re-do this cover, it's frying me! It was one of the first I made and I hate it! But I never manage to get around to doing it, Im hoping to get around to doing it this evening - here's hoping anyway!

2 Things I HOPE To Do
- Finish todays to do list 
Yep, I have one for each day, seriously, I need it, my to do list is sooo long right now so i'm trying to put a few onto each day so that I manage to work my way through it slowly - it's going well so far today!
- Get my last christmas present
So, if you follow my blog, you'll know I finished my Christmas shopping weeks ago so you must be thinking what on earth am I on about the last present? Well in our School we do secret santa - well actually 2. We do a department one - our 2 classes and then a whole school one, you basically spend a small budget on buying a present for someone else that you've picked the name out of a hat. I have one more thing to get!

1 Thing I'm HAPPY To Do
- Continue to listen to the radio
Our local radio station does this thing called 'Cash4Kids' every year at this time. Basically hundreds of companies all around South Wales donate prizes that can be auctioned off over the Cash4Kids weekend - there are some amazing prizes! All the money goes to local children in need - it's great and I can't switch it off this weekend! 

That's all from me, don't forget to link up and check out what everyone else has been saying!



  1. I tend to make lists by day, too...then it's not quite so daunting to get stuff done!

  2. Love your dolphin profile pic! Too cute! Cash4Kids sounds like a great way to give back! Have a great week!

  3. What a great radio station to have! I hope you had fun listening! ~Linda

  4. I can't wait to see the pics of your Christmas treat bags! I follow your TpT store and you have been working so hard releasing new resources. You are amazing, how do you get all of this done? These 'To Do' lists must really help.

    1. Thanks - they were posted on my Five for Friday blog post! It takes a lot of careful planning and I plan my time so that I use it the most efficiently to get things done, plus I have issues where I love to be crossing stuff off my to do list - so I try to concentrate on getting things done LOL :)


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