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Up this week is Della Larsen from Della Larsen's Class.

My name is Della Larsen and I teach kindergarten in a large urban setting. I’ve been teaching for over 25 years. I love being a kindergarten teacher because you get to be a child’s “first love”. 

What can I have my students doing while I am having guided reading groups?

This is a question that comes up all the time between teachers especially in kindergarten when the kid’s independence is still just beginning to grow.  How can I keep my kids actively involved in a meaningful task AND keep them from needing me?
The answer for me has been interactive notebooks. 
My kids LOVE them and quite frankly so do I!

For the past month my kids have been working on a new sight word interactive notebook. The critical piece is that I need it to be meaningful and have them independent. Interactive notebooks address both needs.


I give the kids a small cup to keep all their cut pieces in one place. No more lost letters!

My district uses DIBLES to assess the kids so I use the DIBLES list for my sight words. I also call them my trick words, or my “I know them by heart” words.
The more sight words a student has the better their reading fluency. These words can’t be sounded out, and you can’t get any visual cues from pictures they honestly just need to know them by heart.

This pack has 24 words that come up frequently in emergent readers. The pages have just the right amount of folding, cutting, and writing with different tools to keep the kids interested. But it’s not too hard for them. The cutting is mostly on straight lines and the folding is straight forward. Each word follows the same pattern week after week. The kids can predict what will come next. Each day of the week brings a new template and by Friday they usually have mastered the word.

Check out the product, and let me know if it works for you.

Once the kids have mastered a new word they earn a “Smile Card” I add a new word to their ring. They feel happy as their ring grows. I love these smile cards I leave them in a box so those fast finishers can grab them quickly for a review. I also use them to fill a few minutes while we wait to transition. I make an additional set to send home for extra practice. You can download this for free at my store.

If you are interested in trying out my interactive notebook check out my store at Della’s Larsen’s Class   

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  1. I love the examples of the way the students would use the interactive notebooks in class! Also, I love how organized you are! The cup idea for little piece of paper is just pure genius!

  2. I absolutely love the cup idea for the cut letters. I also love the smile words keyring idea! What a unique idea!


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