Math Tip Monday; Ways to Keep Math Meaningful

OK, I confess. I missed last months Math Tip Monday link up. To be honest, it's really hard to try to think of ideas when the children you're working with just won't work on those specific skills, and I had mind blank.

So, I apologise to any readers who were looking out for it, but I had crazy brain and just couldn't think of anything interesting enough for you to read. I apologise!

BUT, this month, I think I have something good! Well, I hope I do. It's something that I know our kiddos absolutely LOVE and I always have loads of comments on how much the kids REALLY enjoy this activity, so we're on to a winner folks! Sure it's basic math skills - just number work, BUT we all know, there's always those kids that just HATE math, and even number work can be horrendous for them, but with this activity, they are achieving something at the end of the activity and working out a 'mystery' so it's sure to motivate them!

So, here we go. It's December, it's seasonal - so you guessed it folks. It's going to be totally Christmas related! Sorry to all those grinch's but I just couldn't resist!

It's mystery number puzzles! Now, I hadn't really heard of these up until about a year ago, I came across something similar online to do with numbers and thought this is just perfect to do for Christmas for our kiddos! And do you know what? It went down a storm!

(You can find out more info by clicking on the image or here.)

So, basically, students have to follow instructions on the bottom of the page. The instructions tell the students what numbers are what colors and they have to pay close attention to make some fantastic Christmas theme images! Plus there's a total of 15 different images - so it's sure to keep your kiddos engaged!

Too easy? I hear you ask. You'll be surprised how many children get overwhelmed when working on a hundreds chart, plus they have instructions to follow to color certain numbers a certain color - it requires a lot of concentration and number work! 

Perfect to get their little math minds in gear - even if it's a start up task to get them into the maths feeling or a end of math task - we all know nothing motivates children more than a little challenge with a reward at the end!

Keep your eyes peeled for next months Math Tip Monday, and be sure to check out all the other fabulous bloggers tips!


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