Christmas 2015

Well, Christmas has come and gone once again for another year.
I'm always sad to see the 27th come because it tends to mean it's the end of the celebrations for us. I thought I'd share a little bit of my Christmas experience with you all..

It all starts on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve we all go for food at a restaurant in the afternoon. I say we, I mean, myself, my partner Nathan and his mum, my mum, my dad and my sister.  After the meal we head home, I usually do some sort of baking, this year was a chocolate cake malteser christmas pudding. It was a bit of an experience but I finally got it done! Then, I head to my parents house where I sleep the night.

Christmas Day comes, and so do all the crazy presents!

Of course, the pets open their presents first..

Now, you probably all know I'm a child at heart and love the minions. So you can imagine how much I loved this little guy....

We settle down for our dinner..

and of course, Peaches has to get involved..

we then head out to the cemetery to visit our loved ones and leave them flowers. We head back to the house to relax. Then we go to Nathan's grandparents where all the family gets together to play games then back home to bed - phew.

Boxing Day consisted of the football and a relax from the crazy days beforehand!

What does your Christmas look like?


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