10 on the 10th!

It's the 10th of December! I can't believe this week is almost over - I have tomorrow and next week left in work and then we are off on Christmas break! Woohoo! That is when Christmas officially starts with me!

Anyway, believe it or not, December is finally turning into a far more organised month for me and i'm finally getting back into my blogging routine - phew! I mean, for a second there, I thought I was all about losing it!

Anyway, today is the 10th and I have decided to link up with The Classroom Game Nook again for her '10 on 10' Linky. 

So, it's been pretty busy so far far this month, but here are just 10 pics of what I feel sums up my December so far!

 I have been getting my sweet treats ready for everyones hampers! I also do little hampers filled with sweet treats- the kids love them!

We have been working really hard on lots of different crafts in class with the children - I think this one is my fave!

We decided on buying the cats some new beds because they always cuddle up on the same one. We bought two beds but they spend a lot of time cuddled up in the same one together! It's lovely and cosy for this time of year to keep them warm! 

December means it's time to pull the Christmas jumpers out! I have a fab collection of christmas jumpers and t-shirts that I love to pull out and wear on a daily basis LOL! I must invest in more! 

We had our annual School Christmas Fayre - all the classes make something and then sell it at the Fayre, all the money made goes to our kiddos. We made slow cooker hot chocolate this year and it went down a storm! We made 3 slow cookers worth but we sold out really quick! We can't wait to try it again next year! I think we'll need a bigger batch though! 

Our kiddos loving baking different things, so far we have made these fab reindeers and chocolate puddings! The kiddos LOVE doing seasonal stuff and these have gone down a treat! 

I have been nagging my parents to put their decs up for ages - they always do the most wonderful of window displays - here it is all up and finished! You can't really see everything that's going on in the window but there's so many beautiful ornaments! 

I have been extra festive this year and decided to invest in this santa dress for our Christmas Eve family meal out this year! This was the smallest size they had though and it's pretty big on me so I'm gonna have a hunt for a black belt for the waist I think! 

This weather calls for hot chocolate. We now have a drive thru costa coffee which me and Nath tested out before work a few weeks ago, it was lovely and really kept us warm!

Last but not least, I have this planner to thank for keeping me super organised so far this month! It's totally turned me around, I wish I'd invested in it ages ago! The cover I made myself from fab clip artists work off TpT, but the actual planner is purchased from Malimo Mode.

Don't forget to head on over and check out what everyone elses 10 pics are about! 


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