There's an Elf in the House!

So, I think it's safe to say by this point in time, everyone pretty much is aware of the whole Elf on the Shelf saga going on. Over the years, Elf on the Shelf has grown more and more popular in households all over the World! 

This year, for a bit of fun, I was actually going to purchase an Elf to have a bit of fun with everyday to give my followers something to giggle about, but two things stopped me;time and no kids.

I mean how quick is time going right now? It feels like only yesterday I was loving watching all my friends uploading pics of their Halloween decs, costumes, parties then I blink and it's almost the 1st December and i'm seeing everyones Christmas decs going up!

Ok, I admit it, mine are up too! A little earlier than usual, but with 1st December falling mid week I decided to get it all down from the attic this weekend and get it all ready! We are still in the middle of having a big clear out in the house so no big tree this year - but we have our small tree which looks just as beautiful and christmassy as well as all our christmas figures and lights, so I'll survive! Although, our clear out should be finished by next week, so maybe there will be time for a big tree after all! Here's hoping!

Oh, and of course the no kids factor. That's correct I have no kiddos. So, I figured the whole Elf on the Shelf idea with no kids would be a little strange, right? Never mind, I thought i'd gather some great ideas from online anyway to share with all of you who will be doing Elf on the Shelf this year!

P.S - if you have enough time next year, use eBay to purchase your Elf on the Shelf, some of them even come with a whole kit of items you can use throughout December for their mischief activities!

So, first up the arrival. I just LOVE this for an arrival, don't you? I'd have to probably go one step further though and use Santa themed pants or something and say in the arrival letter that'd he borrowed them from Santa!

Idea 2
Toasting marshmallows over a yankee candle! I love my yankee candles so this would go down a storm! I'd probably have to put them over my 'Fireside Treats' candle to make it a bit more fun, the mini marshmallows are a great idea for Elf size treats!

Idea 3
It's a great way to remind your children that Santa is always watching! Plus, you could even put a positive spin on it, how about something like this? I'm sure it will get your children worrying what else Santa is watching!

Idea 4
Slumber party!! Your kids will just love waking up in the morning to find their Elf has been at a slumber party all night! For a bit of added fun, why not add in a barbie for who he has been hanging out with all night!

Idea 5
It's time for a selfie! We all know how crazy the World has gone for selfies, so why can't an Elf join in too?!

Idea 6
Uh oh, looks like some toys are definitely going to be on Santa's naughty list this year! They've captured the Elf and held him hostage! Looks like they're a little jealous of all the fun and attention the Elf is getting!

Idea 7
Are you ready for a race? Set up your own little race track and see who is going to win out of all the toys!

Idea 8
It can be hard work going back and fore the North Pole every day, so nobody is more entitled to a quiet, movie night than poor Elf! 

Idea 9 
Let's go fishing! Wait, for sharks?! What will your Elf capture from your sink? I love the idea of using a candy cane and thread for the fishing rod! Although, if it were me, I'd probably fill the sink with water and fill it with lots of different fish toys too!

Idea 10
Snowball fight! Pick out a toy to go up against your Elf in a snowball fight! Build your forts out of big marshmallows and then use smaller marshmallows as the snowballs! Don't forget to make the scene look very snowy! 

Idea 11
The shoe shoe train! Elves love getting up to mischief so what better way than to steal everyone's shoes and make them into a train! Don't forget to add some toys into each of the shoes!

Idea 12
Oh no! The Elf has really gotten into trouble this time, he's managed to get himself trapped inside the washing machine!

Idea 13
Do your kids love all things superhero? How about having a spiderman Elf! Just print out a mask for him and hang him with string from a cupboard or anything you want!

Idea 14
The poor Elf is missing the snow back in the North Pole! So he's gone and tipped flour everywhere to try and make snow angels! Or you could go the extra mile and purchase fake snow from your local shop and say he brought some back with him!

Idea 15
Do you have a little somebody in your home who is still obsessed with Frozen? How about getting Elsa involved in the mischief and getting her to freeze the poor Elf! Just pop him in a cup of water and pop it in the freezer. Once it's frozen, just ease it out of the cup - or use silicone moulds to turn inside out.(Don't forget you're going to have to dry him off when he melts!)

Idea 16
Elves love to be up to mischief all the time so why not decorate some fruit around the home! Oranges and bananas are great to draw things on! Plus, it might entice them to eat those fruits!

Idea 17
Oh no! The Elf is in trouble! If your child loves Thomas the Tank Engine or anything train wise, why not do this one!? You could have a teddy of the Grinch watching who is the one that's tied the poor Elf up!

Idea 18
How about having some fun with ketchup!? That naughty Elf has squeezed it all over the kitchen! For some added fun why not have a hot dog close by that the Elf has tried to put ketchup on!

Idea 19
How about some mini pancakes! The Elf has made everyone breakfast! Just buy a really small cookie cutter and cut the pancakes into little circles!

Idea 20
If you have a Toy Story fan in your household, this would be the perfect scenario to wake up to one morning! Woody and Buzz saving poor Elf!

Idea 21
Uh oh! The poor Elf has gotten himself stuck inside a glass cup! 

Idea 22
Living in the North Pole can have it's downsides - the poor Elf is craving some sunshine and warmth! So why not set him up with a sun bathing session!

Idea 23
How about getting the Elf to put different things on photos around the house! You can purchase 'photo booth prop sets' on amazon that come packed full of moustaches, hats, glasses etc. Put them on photographs around the house - the children will love running around seeing what the Elf has done to all the photos!

Last day, time to go home!
This is usually on Christmas Eve. I'd highly recommend a little goodbye message from the Elf - this one is fabulous and done with spray on snow! You could even stick the elf on the window first of all to spray around him for that perfect shape!  

But, I think it would also nice for the children to have a little goodbye present and a certificate to have on Christmas Eve. I have made some letters from the Elf that you can download for free below. 

If you do Elf on the Shelf be sure to send me some pictures of what your Elf has been getting up to! I LOVE seeing them all :)


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  1. What a great post filled with ideas for the Elf! I will definitely think about some of them for my classroom elf. I think I may have him use the scrabble tiles to spell something for us tomorrow. Thank you for linking up!

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