Remembrance Day 2015

Since I was super young, Remembrance Day has always been a big thing in Schools in the area. I remember every year wearing the poppy and doing different activities - paying a pound to wear red all day, buying poppies and all about raising money for our fantastic, brave and selfless soldiers. 

It's funny now, to work in a School and still be doing all the wonderful things to show our respect every year on Remembrance Day. As you can imagine, it's a little more difficult to do in our School as opposed to a mainstream School - but we work together and give it our best shot!

One of the main activities in our class is always art/crafts - there are so many learning opportunities and skills to be mastered while completing these activities, plus the kiddos love them AND they get to take it home to show their families too! 

This year, every class completed different parts of this board which we put together in our assembly.

- Please ignore the random red dots that I have placed on the photo, some poppies had our students faces in the middle and of course I want to protect their identities! Every pupil made their own poppy and added it to the field. 

In our assembly, we sang some songs, watched some videos about soldiers and held a short silence in memory. We all wore white tops with our poppies on display. 

Here are some of the poppy crafts that we did with the pupils last week for our Remembrance Day.


We made this poppy with balloons! Our kiddos LOVE balloon painting, it's so easy to do and it gives them a different skill to master, plus the effect is pretty great!

Our kiddos also love to use these foam type materials, we cut out the pieces ready for them and they put it together to make a poppy!

And of course, we love making things sensory and 3d for the students. They loved making this and crumpling up the bits of paper!!

For Remembrance Day, I also made this freebie available on my store here.

Kiddos just love doing this style of crafts! They love putting it altogether and putting something in the middle - whether it's them writing about something, thanking them or drawing something. It's individual to the pupil and I just LOVE seeing what they come up with!!

I had a lovely fellow teacher from TpT download the resource and tag me in a picture of it completed by their kiddos on instagram. I LOVE this type of thing - if you have any pictures of my resources in action, please send them to me, I just LOVE to see kiddos using and enjoying my activities - all around the World!

For now, I hope you all had a great Remembrance Day/Veteran's Day. I hope you all celebrated the freedom we have, by those who gave their lives to fight for us. We will remember them.


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