QR Task Cards: Dinosaur Prepositions

So, trying to keep up with all the new teaching trends, new technology and all new fun, great ideas in the teaching world can be such a headache.

I mean, I remember when we were excited to have interactive white boards! Then it went onto iPads, now we are having apple TVs in every class! I mean, like woah?!

Anyway, in trying to keep up with the 21st century trends, I decided to try out some QR task card codes. Now, our students just love dinosaurs. I mean, for real, they are obsessed with them, so what better way to introduce them than with something they would enjoy - dinosaurs. Plus, I added in a bit of their target work with the prepositions! 

Prepositions can be so hard for children to grasp, so I'm hoping with practice and a new fun way of learning - iPad and QR codes, then we're going to be off to a good start.

So, here is the resource before you all think I'm going to natter on and not even explain what it's about!

Yeah, I know it's a bit of a mouthful, but I mean how could I even shorten that?! Dino?! Lol. 

Anyway, so there are 20 question cards in total. Each on a task card. The task cards just look like you can see in the image above. They have the question number on top, a dinosaur and a QR code.

(Don't worry - there are instructions included, please note, if you want to use this activity in your class you are going to need some sort of smart device where you can download a QR reader app - these can be found for free - and access to wifi and a camera to scan the code). 

So, first of all, the student gets their device, loads up the QR reader app and holds it over the task card - this works through the camera, once the camera/device can pick up the QR code it will read it then re-direct to another page. The page that opens will then reveal a picture of a dinosaur on/in/under/next to/behind/in front of an object. There will also be a sentence prompt underneath the image i.e 'The dinosaur is on the table.' 

Students then have to look closely at the picture/text to find out what the preposition is, they then go to their answer sheet, find the correct box and right the answer in. Each task card is numbered i.e 'Question 1 - Question 20' and the answer sheet has boxes with numbers '1 - 20' on. So, the answer to question 1 will be written in box number 1 on the answer sheet.

Don't worry - there's an answer key included too!

I'm also a little wary of students being of different abilities, I mean we have a student who is so clever you literally wouldn't believe, but he can't write it down, so the answer sheet where he would write down the answer wouldn't work for him, so I mixed it up a bit and we have an answer sheet with choice of 2 answers of preposition symbols - the student just simply circles the preposition they feel is the correct answer.

To explain a little further I done a little video (I must apologise, it's not the greatest quality, I underestimated how hard it is to record and complete the activity at once, it's no good having nobody around to help you out with a video!) of both styles of activity (i.e the written answer sheet and the circle the answer sheet.)

See below..

So, above is the video with the written answer sheet. This is up to you - you can either ask the student to write simply the preposition i.e 'on' or you can get them to answer the 'Where is the dinosaur?' question fully i.e 'The dinosaur is on the table.'

For this video, you will see the example of choosing the correct answer out of a choice of two. The symbols represent the preposition that can be seen. 

So, if your students like dinosaurs, enjoy trying out new activities, you have use of technology and you want to get started on some preposition work - this will be a great addition to your class! Just click here to be directed to the page where you can see all the info on this activity at my TpT. 

As always, thanks for stopping by,

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