It's CURRENTLY November!

I am SO excited that it's November! This means we're almost at Christmas! I LOVE everything about Christmas, as soon as December 1st come around I am full on Christmas guru.

Anyway, this is one of my favourite times of the month to blog because it means Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade is hosting her monthly 'currently' linkup. Which I love. Y'all know how nosey I am and how much I love to see what everyone else is up to, so this is just perfect for me! 

Don't forget you can link up to, just head on over to her blog, grab the template and follow the instructions!

Here's mine..

So, here's a more in-depth quick run down:

Listening; to the washing machine.
No joke, we have a new washing machine which is meant to be super silent - I can still here it from the living room! Sunday means major wash day and it's been sunny but windy today - a perfect day to hang washing on the line!

Loving; that it's already November!
As you can see at the start of this post, I'm so excited it's November because that means December and Christmas is just around the corner! SO exciting!

Thinking; about classes
Now, you're reading a blog linked to education so you're probably assuming that I'm thinking about classes at School right? Nope, totally wrong! I'm thinking about whether to upgrade our class for flights on our hols in March! Decisions, decisions!

Wanting; to go on hols right now!
I am getting very impatient lately at how slow our holidays seem to be coming around this year! I'm so excited to get away in March! All this thinking about flight classes and my holiday countdown is just making me too excited and frustrated at the same time!

Needing; to tidy.
So, my 'work desk' is pretty much the table in the living room. BUT at this moment in time, there's a lot of stuff on it, I actually don't know how I concentrate with all this stuff around me. I am going to dedicate November to be my cleaning out month, I want to get sorted and get rid of the stuff we aren't using!

Yummy; Tuna Pasta Bake
This section was for our favourite Thanksgiving food. We don't really celebrate Thanksgiving here, so I opted to change it up a little bit and go for what is my favourite food to eat at this time of the year. And it's got to be tuna pasta bake. It's so nice to warm up for lunch in work the next day, keeps you warm and cosy in these cold months when you're outside on duty with the kiddos!

So, what would you write in the answers to the above questions? Head on over to Farley's blog and take part!



  1. Sounds like you holiday is going to be so much fun! Hope time goes by quickly and it is one to remember! Happy November.

  2. I hope time goes a little faster! It is always nice to have something to look forward too!

  3. Well, keep working on that upgrade. My son once traveled from the US to Japan and flew first class. He was so glad because his seats were able to lay down into little beds so it made the travel much nicer! Have a great November!
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