Children in Need 2015

Children in Need is s great cause that is supported once a year all around the UK. All the money that gets raised goes to disadvantaged children and young people, right here in the UK!

It's celebrated with two mascots, Pudsey and Blush..

So far, over £740million has been raised since the start of Children in Need, and every year it just gets more fun, bigger and better! Everyone, everywhere goes crazy for it - Schools, workplaces, supermarkets etc.

This years theme was Superheroes, so me and a fellow member of staff went as....

Batman and Robin!

We made Pudsey biscuits and sold them, other classes sold badges, cakes, chocolates, they done different games and everyone brought in money to come dressed as superheroes or onesies.

Tonight, there will be a huge appeal all over our BBC channel with lots of different ways to get involved and to find out the total amount raised. It's so exciting and such a great cause!!

All week, we have been decorating Pudsey bear as different superheroes and making superhero masks. 

Have a great weekend!


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