Black Friday 2015

Can you believe it's already Black Friday?
That's the shopping Black Friday - not the drinking Black Friday. Although, I'm still unsure if the whole drinking Black Friday is just a UK thing or a world wide thing? It's the last Friday before Christmas and pretty much everyone goes out drinking etc.

Except me.. I don't drink. But that's ok!

Anyway, Black Friday (shopping) is in full force today. I'm still a little torn here in the UK, I mean, have you seen how CRAZY people get?!

Here are some images from over the years;

(Daily mail)



Ok.. so this has totally made my mind up - I am not heading to the shops tomorrow! I think I'll stick to some online deals.

Although, to be honest, I have done all my Christmas shopping and I'm not a big believer in spending because there's a saving.. only spending if I need it!

But. this could be an excuse for some shopping on TpT! I know a few sellers are throwing a sale this Black Friday for 20% off - so be sure to head on over, check out your wish list, browse around for some great resources for your class and save some $$! 

So, as you have probably guessed, my store will be on sale for 20% off today only. So, head on over quickly people and check it out and see if there are any resources that you are after and get them discounted!

Here are 5 of my top picks from my store that I just love and really do work in the classroom! Grab them today for 20% off!

My Community Helpers comprehension pack is now released! If you're a follower of my store you'll probably have noticed all the comprehension packets being released in different themes over the past few weeks - and they are going down a storm! Everyone is loving them, the students are enjoying them and best of all, they are learning without even noticing! This pack is themed all around community helpers, there is a short passage on each community helper with a matching question/answer page with 5 questions. 

This huge bundle consists of 4 different sentence building books. The books are great for helping spec ed/autistic students to build sentences, order sentences correctly, improve their reading and improve upon their attention to detail. They come in clipart animals as well as real photographs, all the symbols are included too! At the start of each book is instructions on how you can put it together to get the most from the books! The types of animals are; 
* clipart
* baby animals
* zoo animals
* farm animals

This resource is pretty much what it says on the cover! Christmas Elf Activities, this is all about having your own little Elf friend in class! Students absolutely love doing all the different activities surrounding their 'Classroom Elf' and it's a great way to get into the spirit of Christmas! It's a whopping 96 pages in total and is full of great, fun, learning activities that students will be very engaged with! This is sure to keep your students motivated and engaged in the lead up to Christmas, so if you want to do a little something different in your class this year - this is the way! 

This bundle has been carefully put together with lots of great resources from my store that will help you set up a wonderful classroom suitable for Spec Ed/Autistic students. Note - it will not make your classroom perfect, the only thing that could ever make any classroom perfect is pixie dust! (Impossible!) 

This bundle includes 11 different resources from my store and if you purchase it at full price you save a whopping $14.50 BUT if your purchase it today - you will get an EXTRA 20% off! So, if this is on your wish list to buy, now is a great time to get it purchased!

Last, but certainly not least, is my Giant Christmas Activity Bundle. When I say giant, I literally mean giant here. There's a total of 799 pages included, y'all! That's just crazy and is sure to keep your class focused, engaged and motivated this Christmas season! The bundle is made up of two of my smaller bundles - Christmas Activities and Nativity Activities. It literally includes a little bit of everything, English, Math, Fine Motor, Problem Solving etc. There are so many activities included in this bundle that I literally can't name them all here or it would take up the entire page! So be sure to head on over to the page to check all the activities out!

And that's a wrap from me! Happy Black Friday everyone! Whether you are venturing out to fight the crowds for some great bargains, sat at home relaxing with a hot chocolate and browsing the bargains online or just having a complete break away from the whole Black Friday saga - have a great weekend!


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