TpT: I Teach Because..

So, this week I spotted the 'I Teach Because' photo that was on the TpT instagram, with all these fabulous teachers taking part.

Today, I finally got around to doing mine! I was just going to upload it to instagram and leave it there, but to be honest, picking just 3 reasons was so hard because there's so many reasons I love to be in the Classroom with our kiddos. 

But the 3 that I chose are..

So, let me just share why I decided upon these 3.

1) I want to make a difference.

Ok, so as you know, I work with children with Autism. Working with them everyday, you really do make such a big difference in their lives. They look to you to help them guide through the day to day activities, they look to you for support, for reassurance, but most of all, when everything around them feels like it's going crazy and they can't cope, they look to you for safety. You become their safety buffer. I genuinely believe, that over my years of working with Autism I've made a difference in many children's lives. I've worked with children who would never sit at a table to work, where 6 months down the line they're working for 10 minutes in a session! I've worked with children who hated crowds, yet finally one day got the courage to come up on stage (with support) for a Christmas concert. You see, it's the small things that really help you make a difference in the kiddos lives. 

2) Every single day is different. 

This is definitely real in my case and I'm guessing it's the same for all the other teachers out there too! No two days are ever the same. What works absolutely fabulously one day - can be world war 3 the next, I kid you not! Every day is different, and each day you get faced with a new obstacle or challenge. But, do you know what? The fun of it, is working out how to get over those obstacles and defeating those challenges!

3) No other job is as rewarding as this.

Ok, for real now. What other job, would reduce you to tears because someone ate a pea? LOL, I kid you not. We celebrate the smallest of achievements when working with children. We spend so much time with them that they become a part of our little School family, so any achievement is huge in our eyes! Recently, one of the children I work with has started to talk. Flashback just a few months back he could just about sound out a letter now and again, this week, he said the days of the week (Monday - Friday) reading from a poster on the wall to me. What other job could possibly be as rewarding? Ok.. maybe there's a few exceptions in hospitals etc. But, not many beat it!

Why do you teach? 


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