Ten on Ten {OCTOBER!}

All my regular readers/followers probably know by now that I have issues. I have an obsession with taking part in blog linkys! I just LOVE linking up with other bloggers and liaising and growing friendships. 

SO, when I found out that Rachael from The Classroom Game Nook was hosting a blog linky called 'ten on ten' I just KNEW that I was definitely going to take part!

This linky is basically sharing ten pictures with you on the tenth day of the month. My pictures are a little bit crazy and random, but it's to share a part of October with you so far from my crazy, whirlwind life! 

1. I had to come home sick from work last week, the doctors changed me from my usual meds (which i've been taking for the past 8 years) to a cheaper brand so the NHS can save money, I had SO many bad side effects I literally couldn't even get up, never mind work. The NHS is not that great, trust me. So I had this little monster to keep me company while I recovered.

2. I came across these while looking for new outfits, I am literally DYING to buy these to wear for our Christmas Eve meal - just don't know if I have the guts?!

3. I have developed an obsession with pistachio nuts, they are my new snack in the morning break at work, they are so yummy! 

4. I love spending a Saturday morning working on my TpT/blog with my Miss Piggy mug!

5. It was a surprise birthday party for my Auntie's 50th last week and here's my outfit! Everyone always goes on about my bright orange trousers wondering what they look like - and here they are! I also have them in pink! They are SO comfy, I love them!

6. I bought this FAB count down for our next holiday from a lady on Facebook, she's great and I love being able to support small businesses!

7. OK, I'm gonna be totally honest here and i'll probably be whacked for it - I NEVER heard of Columbus Day until this year. I mean, how could I not have?! I don't know, it's just not something we teach in our School or even discuss - so imagine my excitement when I found out about it last week! I threw myself into making lots of fab new resources, this being one of my favourites - who doesn't love sentence building?! 

8. I love celebrating the different holidays through the year with the kiddos and I also love surprises - as do the kiddos! So this mystery picture number grid colouring/coloring activity is perfect for this time of year - who doesn't love Halloween?! 

9. It's starting to get REAL cold around here - winter is on it's way. Which means ONE thing in this household. THE SLOW COOKER IS OUT! This is chicken curry! I set it all up in the morning before I go to work, then come home that evening and the house is smelling BEEE-AUTIFUL! This is so yummy, you have to try it!

10. And finally, I finished my Columbus Day Work Books. The kiddos LOVE when I make them work books and these are no exception! Full of great activities that are linked to Columbus Day!

Thanks for taking a look at my 10 pics of this month! Have a great October!

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  1. Hi Nikki!

    Thanks for linking up! And I TOTALLY think you should wear those Santa pants! In fact, why wait till Christmas :)

    The Classroom Game Nook Blog


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