It's CURRENTLY October!

I have two favourite times of the month, well 3 actually, but 2 really. 
1. The end of the month = payday - PHEW! Am I right folks?!
2. The start of the month = currently linkup. WOOP WOOP! Yes?

I'm linking up with the fabulous Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her monthly 'Currently.' If you've never taken part before, go over now and join up - it's so much fun, and if you're nosey like me, you'll just LOVE IT! 

Or, if you're just plain nosey like me but don't fancy taking part, head on over anyway and have a nose what everyone is up to. I mean, October is one of the best months around so it's definitely a good month to have a nose!

I'll just do a quick run through of what each one is in a bit more detail for you.

1) Pure peace - i'm having one of those days where I just need some peace and quiet - no tv, no music etc. Just revel in some peace and quiet!

2) Loving - my cosy hoodie. It's gotten real cold here lately what with autumn now here, so i'm wrapped up in my nice cosy hoodie - and obviously my UGGs!

3) Thinking - about family. We have a lot going on atm. Family is all I can think about right now!

4) Wanting - March. Me and Nath have had a tough year and although we went away in August, I'm already on pins for March to get here and go away. We go to Dublin for 2 days on the 24th March, then over to Florida for a week then over to Texas for a few days. I can't wait. I get to completely switch off when I go away and just enjoy!

5) Needing - shopping. URGH, I have to get off my bum at some point today and go to Tesco and get some shopping done! The question is, what food do I want for the week in work?!

6) Boo-tiful. Ok, so what makes me feel beautiful? Every morning, as I drop Nath to work I have a quick goodbye kiss, then as I arrive into work I have a text off Nathan telling me how much he loves me and to have a good day. It's the little things, it really is!

Go and take part and tell us what you're 'CURRENTLY' is!

(So I actually wrote this yesterday, but as you can see I had a bit of a busy day yesterday and had already posted TWO posts! I couldn't be that annoying and post 3 in one day LOL!) 


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