Halloween Week, Day 5; Pumpkins

Thanks for reading my week long blog posts for "Halloween Week." I hope you've been able to gather lots of fabulous ideas that you can use in your classroom. 

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So, today is all about using pumpkins in the Classroom. There really are too many learning opportunities for including pumpkins in the Classroom and I really struggled to keep it down to just 5 different ideas. I mean, having a field trip to a pumpkin patch would be absolutely amazing for the kiddos in my class, but unfortunately we have nothing like that here - or anywhere that I know of here in the UK, so I will just have to cope with a twang of jealousy each time one of my American friends posts a picture of themselves at the pumpkin patch!

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How about incorporating a pumpkin book into your session? Read the story with your students, discuss it, then carry out the same as what the story asks - can all your students count the amount of seeds in the pumpkin you have? The learning opportunities are endless or this one!


Measurement can become so boring for our students, so mix it up a little bit, throw in a pumpkin and some blocks and get the students to count how many blocks tall it is, wide it is, who has the tallest/widest etc. There are so many fab ways you can measure the different pumpkins! How about a brainstorming session and listen to all the different ideas/ways that your students can come up with for measuring the pumpkins!


Or how about turning your classroom into a 'Whacky Science Lab' and getting your students to carry out all sorts of different science investigations on your pumpkins!


You could use it as a describing activity, get the students to write up all the different things/features about the pumpkin that you are working with!


Now this, this I love! This is a great way for every student to have their own little 'pumpkin' and to decorate it how they want to. Maybe there can be a competition where the class vote on their favourite/favorite one and then you will carve that design onto an actual pumpkin! 

Hope you've gotten some fun ideas on how you can use pumpkins in your classroom this Halloween! Don't forget, there will be even more Halloween ideas on my blog next week too (Mon-Fri) so be sure to pop back and keep up with all the fun!


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