Halloween Week, Day 4; Crafts

Thanks for checking back again for more Halloween ideas for the Classroom. If you have missed out on the previous days you can check them out here;

So, today is all about Halloween crafts in the Classroom. This just seems to be one thing that all students seem to love, especially when they are at a young age! There's something magical about putting together all random bits and pieces and then making a fab 'masterpiece!' ;) 

Don't forget - as always, click on the image to be re-directed to the original site for the idea so that you can get full information there. Also, if you use any of these ideas, be sure to come back and share pictures of them in use! It's so fun to see all the different classrooms put their own twist on different Halloween ideas!


So, this may be a little biased as I put this resource together, but I just love it! I'm sure your students will too! The students have to cut out each of the parts individually, color/colour them, stick them altogether to make the craft and then fill in the box too! They can write in it, draw in it, do whatever they want - or what you ask of them! It's so much fun !


We recently made these in class with our kiddos and they LOVED doing them! They're now up on display in our window, when the sun shines through they look even more fabulous! I know, I know, one of them only has one eye - just don't ask, seriously. 

These were so easy to make! We just got the outline of a pumpkin and stuck it in a laminating sheet, students then cut out yellow + orange pieces of tissue paper, stuck them inside the pumpkin outline. Next, they added the eyes and mouth. Close the laminating sheet and stick it through the laminator - all done!


We also made these Witch faces on paper plates! It was so much fun to make, and it's so fun to watch the children draw their own nose and mouth! Some of the variations really are funny! It was so easy to make, we painted a paper plate green then waited for it to dry. Once the plate was dry, we cut out a hat and eyes - stuck the eyes on. Draw on a nose and mouth. Then we drew around our hands and coloured/colored them in, sticking them onto the paper plate, then stuck on the hat too! They looked great when they were done and are up on display around our room now - it makes the place look very Halloweeny!


These paper plate ghosts are just too cute - right?! If you are hosting a Halloween party/disco in your class/school then these would be perfect to decorate with and so simple to put together!


I love handprint crafts! There's just so much you can do with a hand, it's baffling! When I seen these, I just fell in love! Plus, every single one is going to look different and individual to the student! I'm sure we have some very creative teachers who will be reading this blog post who are already thinking of ways to make different handprint characters for Halloween!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for more Halloween ideas. 


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