Halloween Week, Day 2; Cooking

Welcome to Day 2 of my Halloween Week blog posts.
Today is all about cooking sessions with the children which is themed around Halloween. You don't have to become the World's best Chef to introduce cooking in the Classroom. There are also SO many learning opportunities included when you cook with the students and one of the most important things - life skills!

If you missed out yesterday's Halloween post on number work just click here.

Don't forget, click on the image to be re-directed to the site for full details on how you can make these fab goodies! 


How easy are these to make? And you can make them super cheap too - you don't have to spend a fortune! This is also something that you can have lots of students involved with at once too. You can decide whether they eat them in School that day as a treat or take them home to show their parents! You could get creative and include colours/colors too. You can personalise them to suit your class and the students that you have!


Who doesn't love making rice krispie cakes? These are quick, simple and cheap for you to make lots of with your class! You could even be extra creative and have some black icing pens for the students to make different faces on their pumpkins!


These are my favourite for sure! If you have time to make the gingerbread men yourself too - then great! If not, just buy them ready made from local supermarket! You can get lots these days for a really great price! Then you just need some icing and you're all set to go! Don't forget to add your own personal twist to them, I think I would have to ice them black first of all then put the white icing bones on top of that - and maybe raisins as the eyes? 


How cute are these pretzel pumpkins? You could get a huge bag of pretzels for so cheap and then it's just some icing! These are great for fine motor skill practice for your students too! 


Last, but certainly not least is one of the most popular treats for Halloween! Candy apples are great and you can have so many different variations! It took me forever to choose a picture because they just all looked so much fun for the kiddos to make - plus you'll be encouraging them to try fruits! I love the pumpkin one in those one. Why not be daring and everyone chooses a Halloween character to decorate their apple like?! 

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for more Halloween fun!


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