Halloween Week, Day 1; Numbers

So, each day this week I am going to be sharing some fab activities, resources and ideas that you can incorporate into your Classroom that is Halloween themed. We have so much fun celebrating all the different holidays in our class throughout the year and learning all about different cultures. Halloween is one of the children's favourites and we do a lot of themed activities in the lead up to it.

* Please note, I am from UK, the resources I share can be used in UK or USA, I have also included different spellings LOL, I'm not crazy! *

Some ideas/activities will be from other websites. If you click on the image it will re-direct you to the website for you to get full information on the idea :)

Today is all about 'numbers' combined with "Halloween" in the Classroom.



Number grid colouring/coloring.
This activity is great for number recognition and instruction following for students. 

Students have to follow the instructions on the bottom of the page, coloring/colouring each of the numbers in different colors/colours. Once each of the instructions have been followed, the students will have created a mystery Halloween picture! There are 17 different worksheets in total! Great as morning work, early finishers, time fillers, math centres, number practice, instruction following practice or just a bit of Halloween fun which is still linked to learning! :)


Another great activity - this will definitely help to improve number recognition with your students and getting them to realise that they are all worth the same yet look different! They are made to look like candy corn and are just perfect for this time of the year!


Or how about number songs? You could even make your own up with the students as a bit of a fun session and then make crafty puppets/characters or even books to go along with the song!


And last but not least, don't forget good old youtube. There is an amazing song called 5 Little Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate. The children love this and it's great to start a math/counting session to get them in the spirit!

How do you incorporate Halloween into number work?

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see more Halloween themed activities!



  1. I have a Guided Math rotation and one of my groups has been so excited about grid pictures - I definitely need to check out the Halloween set! I have more Halloween ideas than weeks in October - such a fun time of year for hands-on activities. Thanks for sharing :) Jen

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I know, Halloween is great, you can do SO many things in the Classroom for it - there's just never enough time to get it all done :)


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