Halloween Week 2, Day 9; Sensory

The week is coming to a close, as are my halloween activity blog posts. So sad. I hope you've all had lots of fun this week putting lots of great Halloween ideas into your Classrooms! Be sure to share pics with me - I love to see pics, especially during holidays like Halloween, Christmas etc!

So, if you have missed my previous Halloween posts you can find them here;

So todays post is all about sensory and Halloween activities being combined. A lot of our students love the sensory activities - but also a lot of mainstream children love them too! So it's definitely worth giving it a try!


How about changing spaghetti to orange/black/purple/green and putting it into a little tub? You could hide some little halloween characters inside it for students to dig out.


Make textured play dough! You can add anything you like to it, one of the best tends to be rice - you can dye it orange too!!


I don't know why - but all the kids seem to love making slime too! You can dye it purple/green/orange or anything that'll make it look a bit more Halloweeny. You can even add bits to it and make little monsters or anything you like!


How about making ghosts out of foam or crazy soap? Kids just go crazy for these textures!


You could even put together some sensory bottles. Get lots of different items out and get the children to make their own personal ones to take home! You can pick up some halloween bits cheap in local stores and make these at a great price! Plus they'll be helpful for students sensory needs too!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for more great Halloween ideas!


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