Halloween Week 2, Day 7; Party in Class!

We are slowly, but surely coming to an end of October and thus, coming to an end of my second Halloween Week. I didn't realise, just how popular my Halloween Week would be, which them prompted me to do Week 2 as well! Thanks for all the great feedback I've had on them!

If you've missed previous days you can find them here;

So, today is all about having a party in Class! In our School, we do lots of different Halloween themed activities in Class then on our last day of term (which was last Friday) we have a Halloween disco.The children get to dress up in the afternoon in their costumes (if they want to) and we all go into the hall, there's a buffet where every class brings a plate of food, there's music, party games etc and it's great to watch all the students having fun! As you may know, not many of our students get the chance to go to parties etc. so this is huge for them to have !

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Just because you're throwing a Halloween party, doesn't mean it's got to be unhealthy! There are lots of great, healthy ideas that you can use for food in the party! You can even make them together with your students!


There's no need to go out and spend a fortune paying for games that can be used in the party - make your own! This site has LOADS of great ideas on making your own halloween games for the students to play!


There are some great tutorials out there where you can make your own decorations! You could even include it in one of your sessions in class that week and everyone gets to make a decoration to decorate the party with!


You can ask parents to send in a plate of food each or a small amount of money each so the class as a whole can purchase some food items to take to the party - or you can make some food together in class that week to take to the party!


Are you going to be giving prizes/treats to the winners of the party games? How about spending a little bit extra time and making them 'Halloweeny' - these would be just perfect for prizes at the party! Plus you could put whatever you like in them - not just Hershey's chocolate! :)

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for some more great Halloween ideas that you can use in your classroom.


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  1. Love these ideas! Thank you for linking up with my first Teaching Tuesday link up. I hope to see you back each week! I've shared this on Pinterest, so I hope you gain a few more pageviews from it. =)
    ~Heather aka HoJo~


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