Halloween Week 2, Day 6; Fine Motor Skills

Welcome to my Halloween Week 2 blog posts. If you missed out on last weeks blog posts you can find them here;

Today is going to be about incorporating fine motor skills and Halloween together in your classroom. Remember to click on the image to be re-directed to the original site for full details on how to use the idea in your Class.


These fine motor skill worksheets are great for pencil control and pre handwriting practice - plus your students will love them with all the Halloween images included - it's sure to motivate them!


Let's face it - there's nothing more fun than bobbing for apples, but with this spin on it, you're sure to be able to keep your students motivated and practising their fine motor skills! Mix it up a bit and make the water green/orange for Halloween!


Or how about threading on a paper plate to make a Spider web? This is sure to help your kiddos get their fine motor skills being practised but also with a twist of making a fun Halloween craft! 


Have you got some of those fab, fun tweezers in your class? Then how about making a sorting activity? Students have to pick up pom poms and sort them into different pots? Or you could even add some math into the mix and count out pom poms to put on different numbers!


This is perfect and is great if you're on a budget to put together some activities this Halloween in the classroom - but you'll more than likely already have the basket and string - it's just some of those pesky spiders to pick up! You can make it as easy or as hard as you like and get students to try and pick out the spiders from the web!

Don't forget to keep checking back for more Halloween ideas for the rest of this week. If you try out any of the activities in class, I would love to see some pics of them in action! 


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