Five for Friday, 30.10.15

Here it is, the last Friday of October! 
Can you believe how fast this month has gone? 
Christmas will be here before we know it!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday.
This week I've been off for half term here in the UK. But, Ive still been mega busy AND I have a few pics to share with you of the Halloween resources that we made in School last week with the kiddos!

We were very busy in class making lots of Halloween resources! The kiddos just love doing anything arty and crafty so this was their Heaven!

This week our car went in for repair so I had to make a nice long walk down to the Nathan's works to pick up our car to take to the garage. It'd been raining heavy all morning, but as soon as I started my walk it started to clear - PHEW! We now have our car back and the scratch is gone - wahoo! Some random person walked past our house a few months back and keyed all our car :( 

The past two weeks has been all about Halloween on my blog, each day has had a different theme and it's been so much fun! Be sure to pop over and check it all out!

I managed to finally get this done and had it tested out by some great kiddos! They loved it! Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night is celebrated here in the UK on the 5th of November every year. This flip book comes with 2 comprehension pages of different levels too for the students to refer to for the answers. The student loved figuring out the right answers, cutting them out and sticking them onto the page. He also had a whale of a time colouring it all in!! You can view more info here.

Tomorrow are off to a Halloween party. I was all set to be a witch and had the stuff ready, I didn't want to spend a fortune this year! I was a zombie school girl last year and cost me over £30! Crazy prices! So I opted as a Witch. Then, I had to take my mother costume shopping because she couldn't find nothing and I found a pirate costume that I loved! So, after trying it on, I ended up buying another costume. So, I'm now gonna be a pirate! I'm yet to decide if I'll put any paint o my face though. Hmm. Decisions. Are you dressing up for Halloween?!



  1. What a great it!! I'm not dressing up, but I am definitely taking the littles out trick-or-treating. My sis and I have a long tradition of taking the kids around on golf carts from house to house....our train of carts has grown to 10+, lol :)

    Have a fun Halloween!
    :) McKenzie

  2. Your costume is super cute! Love it! Have fun this weekend!

  3. Ahhhh, love the flip book use! Another way to use them that I hadn't thought of!
    Reading in Room 11


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