Five for Friday 16.10.15

Wow, it has been a long, hard, tiring week. I am SO glad it's Friday, not even kidding. I'm linking up again with the fabulous Doodle Bugs Teaching for her usual Five for Friday. Here are 5 little pics from my week.

We have been getting in the seasonal spirit and making some scarecrow faces! Our kiddos LOVE doing all things arty/crafty and they loved this more than anything else!

We have also been getting ready for Halloween! Our kiddos just LOVED making these witches - we even used handprints for the hair! 

Me & Nath have had a very tiring, busy and hard week this week, so tonight we are going to have a nice chill out at my parents house and all have a takeaway together - our usual Friday tradition. Here's hoping for an Indian!

Today our School are having a 'Wedding' to celebrate Harvest. Two of our kiddos are getting married and we have all worked really hard all week making lots of different wedding decorations.

Here's one of our hats (staff)

Here's one of the kids hats

The front of the kids shirts - one of the staff made this with just plain white t-shirts and material we picked up from local hobby craft. She also made the same for us staff to wear.

Here's the back of the shirts. 

Our class were in charge of the favours - so we made these!

Lucky, I have this little fella to keep me sane. Well, him and Socks together (our younger cat) definitely don't keep me sane but the pair of them are our little babies. He just wants his belly tickled all the time!!

Don't forget to hop on over to doodle bugs teaching and check out what everyone has been up to this week!



  1. Those scarecrows and witches are so cute!

    1. Thanks! The kiddos LOVE making all the arty crafty stuff :)

  2. Those faces are adorable. What kind of "wedding" for harvest did y'all have? Intriguing...

    1. Thanks! It was just a fake wedding where two of the children got married to celebrate religions during harvest week, not really sure how to relate it - never seen or heard of it before!

  3. Wow, that "wedding" sounds so interesting. I've never of a school doing one before! I bet the kids loved it though.

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