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So, recently I've had a lot of my mind and things haven't been working as they usually would, today i've tried to switch off from reality and figure out what I need to tick off my to-do list - which is now up to 130 pages. AHH!!

That was when I realised - I actually have nothing on my blog or TpT store to guide you to my social media accounts. I mean, sure, it's on my credits and TOU stuff when you download/purchase a resource from me.

But - that's no fun!

So, click on the pinterest or instagram link below to connect with me! I don't actually have a 'Teaching Autism' fbook or twitter - I like to keep some things just personal and so those two I chose to be personal - I'm sure you can understand :)

You may notice (if you were following me before) that I have recently changed my instagram name. It used to be 'confessionsofadreamer93' but that was just hard work and it was an old old name which needed serious updating, right? So now, it's plain and simple 'teachingautism' to go with my brand :) 

I can't wait to connect with some fabulous teachers!


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