Five for Friday, 30.10.15

Here it is, the last Friday of October! 
Can you believe how fast this month has gone? 
Christmas will be here before we know it!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday.
This week I've been off for half term here in the UK. But, Ive still been mega busy AND I have a few pics to share with you of the Halloween resources that we made in School last week with the kiddos!

We were very busy in class making lots of Halloween resources! The kiddos just love doing anything arty and crafty so this was their Heaven!

This week our car went in for repair so I had to make a nice long walk down to the Nathan's works to pick up our car to take to the garage. It'd been raining heavy all morning, but as soon as I started my walk it started to clear - PHEW! We now have our car back and the scratch is gone - wahoo! Some random person walked past our house a few months back and keyed all our car :( 

The past two weeks has been all about Halloween on my blog, each day has had a different theme and it's been so much fun! Be sure to pop over and check it all out!

I managed to finally get this done and had it tested out by some great kiddos! They loved it! Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night is celebrated here in the UK on the 5th of November every year. This flip book comes with 2 comprehension pages of different levels too for the students to refer to for the answers. The student loved figuring out the right answers, cutting them out and sticking them onto the page. He also had a whale of a time colouring it all in!! You can view more info here.

Tomorrow are off to a Halloween party. I was all set to be a witch and had the stuff ready, I didn't want to spend a fortune this year! I was a zombie school girl last year and cost me over £30! Crazy prices! So I opted as a Witch. Then, I had to take my mother costume shopping because she couldn't find nothing and I found a pirate costume that I loved! So, after trying it on, I ended up buying another costume. So, I'm now gonna be a pirate! I'm yet to decide if I'll put any paint o my face though. Hmm. Decisions. Are you dressing up for Halloween?!



Halloween Week 2, Day 10; DIY Costumes

Well, it's almost all over. Tomorrow is Halloween and I hope you've all had a great time looking at all the different ideas for Halloween over the past 2 weeks. 

If you have missed out any of the previous blog posts you can find them here;

So, as tomorrow is Halloween, I thought I would end on costumes. Here are lots of great ideas on how you can make your own Halloween costumes for a fraction of the price! Let's face it, costumes can get so expensive these days!

Just click on the image to be re-directed to the original source to find full details on who to make the costume.





Oompa Loompa.

For Harry Potter fans.

Peter Pan.

And last one...

With a choice of 65 different costumes on this one - you're sure to find a perfect last minute outfit for Halloween!

Have a great Halloween no matter what you are going to do!



Halloween Week 2, Day 9; Sensory

The week is coming to a close, as are my halloween activity blog posts. So sad. I hope you've all had lots of fun this week putting lots of great Halloween ideas into your Classrooms! Be sure to share pics with me - I love to see pics, especially during holidays like Halloween, Christmas etc!

So, if you have missed my previous Halloween posts you can find them here;

So todays post is all about sensory and Halloween activities being combined. A lot of our students love the sensory activities - but also a lot of mainstream children love them too! So it's definitely worth giving it a try!


How about changing spaghetti to orange/black/purple/green and putting it into a little tub? You could hide some little halloween characters inside it for students to dig out.


Make textured play dough! You can add anything you like to it, one of the best tends to be rice - you can dye it orange too!!


I don't know why - but all the kids seem to love making slime too! You can dye it purple/green/orange or anything that'll make it look a bit more Halloweeny. You can even add bits to it and make little monsters or anything you like!


How about making ghosts out of foam or crazy soap? Kids just go crazy for these textures!


You could even put together some sensory bottles. Get lots of different items out and get the children to make their own personal ones to take home! You can pick up some halloween bits cheap in local stores and make these at a great price! Plus they'll be helpful for students sensory needs too!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for more great Halloween ideas!



Halloween Week 2, Day 8; Fun & Games

Can you believe I'm on day 8 already?! I can't believe how quick time is going. If you have missed out on the previous Halloween posts you can find them here;

So todays post will be about fun and games for Halloween. These can be used in or out of School. Don't forget to click the images to be re-directed to the original website to get full information on each of the ideas.


This was just too funny, not to share! You could replace the donuts with so many different things! 


Poke a pumpkin! I've never heard of this before, but since I discovered it online, I fell in love with and just knew the kids would absolutely go crazy for it!


This looks so much fun - and look how easy it is to put together! Although, if I were to do this with my students I would just HAVE to give each of the ghosts different expressions! Or make them into difference characters! Either way, this is sure to be a big hit with the kids!


Pumpkin toss! You could make it points based too and children work in teams etc. This'll be so easy to put together and you'll probably be able to get a cardboard box free from a local business- the rest you'll probably even have in class ready!


This would be great, either as a circle time whole class activity or in small groups. The possibilities are endless and it will really motivate the children to use their imagination!

Let me know if you put any of these ideas into practice! I have no doubt you're all up to some fab fun and games ready for Halloween!

Check back tomorrow for more Halloween ideas!



Halloween Week 2, Day 7; Party in Class!

We are slowly, but surely coming to an end of October and thus, coming to an end of my second Halloween Week. I didn't realise, just how popular my Halloween Week would be, which them prompted me to do Week 2 as well! Thanks for all the great feedback I've had on them!

If you've missed previous days you can find them here;

So, today is all about having a party in Class! In our School, we do lots of different Halloween themed activities in Class then on our last day of term (which was last Friday) we have a Halloween disco.The children get to dress up in the afternoon in their costumes (if they want to) and we all go into the hall, there's a buffet where every class brings a plate of food, there's music, party games etc and it's great to watch all the students having fun! As you may know, not many of our students get the chance to go to parties etc. so this is huge for them to have !

(Just remember, click on the images to be re-directed to the original source so that you can find all the information on the idea.)


Just because you're throwing a Halloween party, doesn't mean it's got to be unhealthy! There are lots of great, healthy ideas that you can use for food in the party! You can even make them together with your students!


There's no need to go out and spend a fortune paying for games that can be used in the party - make your own! This site has LOADS of great ideas on making your own halloween games for the students to play!


There are some great tutorials out there where you can make your own decorations! You could even include it in one of your sessions in class that week and everyone gets to make a decoration to decorate the party with!


You can ask parents to send in a plate of food each or a small amount of money each so the class as a whole can purchase some food items to take to the party - or you can make some food together in class that week to take to the party!


Are you going to be giving prizes/treats to the winners of the party games? How about spending a little bit extra time and making them 'Halloweeny' - these would be just perfect for prizes at the party! Plus you could put whatever you like in them - not just Hershey's chocolate! :)

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for some more great Halloween ideas that you can use in your classroom.



Halloween Week 2, Day 6; Fine Motor Skills

Welcome to my Halloween Week 2 blog posts. If you missed out on last weeks blog posts you can find them here;

Today is going to be about incorporating fine motor skills and Halloween together in your classroom. Remember to click on the image to be re-directed to the original site for full details on how to use the idea in your Class.


These fine motor skill worksheets are great for pencil control and pre handwriting practice - plus your students will love them with all the Halloween images included - it's sure to motivate them!


Let's face it - there's nothing more fun than bobbing for apples, but with this spin on it, you're sure to be able to keep your students motivated and practising their fine motor skills! Mix it up a bit and make the water green/orange for Halloween!


Or how about threading on a paper plate to make a Spider web? This is sure to help your kiddos get their fine motor skills being practised but also with a twist of making a fun Halloween craft! 


Have you got some of those fab, fun tweezers in your class? Then how about making a sorting activity? Students have to pick up pom poms and sort them into different pots? Or you could even add some math into the mix and count out pom poms to put on different numbers!


This is perfect and is great if you're on a budget to put together some activities this Halloween in the classroom - but you'll more than likely already have the basket and string - it's just some of those pesky spiders to pick up! You can make it as easy or as hard as you like and get students to try and pick out the spiders from the web!

Don't forget to keep checking back for more Halloween ideas for the rest of this week. If you try out any of the activities in class, I would love to see some pics of them in action! 



Trick or Treat Blog Hop

This is the most excited I've been in a LONG time. Sad, right? 
"Why?" I hear you ask.
Simple, two of my most favourite things have joined together in blog land; Halloween & a blog hop! SO EXCITING!

Ok.. so maybe not my two most favourite things ever, but they're up there with the best.

Thank you so much to Rachael at The Classroom Game Nook for putting a LOT of time and energy into creating this wonderful blog hop. Be sure to continue with the hop at the end of this post and see what everyone else is blogging about!

So, first up, we're going to talk TRICKS!

I've worked with children with autism for a LONG time now, and believe me when I say - you definitely pick up tricks of the trade! 

One of the main things is behaviour management. Like, seriously, if you can't help the students manage their behaviours, you can't help them progress. One of my favourite ways for this is two separate visuals; first, then board and working for board. You can see example pics of them both below. Keep your eyes peeled for an EXCITING post I have coming up over the next few weeks ALL about Classroom Management in an Autism Classroom!

Another trick is to keep things new and exciting. If a holiday/seasonal event comes up - incorporate it into your Classroom. You may be teaching the same thing again - but once you add a theme and jazz it up, the kiddos instantly get engrossed in it all again! You can include it for anything - even cooking!
How about these Witch cones for Halloween?!

Click the image to be re-directed to the original pin to find all the instructions. 


 A treat is most definitely a freebie! 

This is a FREE download of a few of the activities you can find in my large Halloween bundle. It's a great taster of what you can expect to find in my bundle. There's lots of great activities for you to use in your classroom! What makes it the best though? It's totally Halloween themed! Get a bit Halloweeny in your Classroom this year!

Now, for the next treat (yes you get two you lucky lot!), you can enter below to WIN a copy of my Halloween Bundle TOTALLY FREE! (See it here.) It's worth $28.75 in total but is discounted to $10 - BUT you could have it FREE! 
All you have to do is enter in the rafflecopter below! 

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Don't forget to click the logo below and hop on over to the next blog!
Happy Halloween!!


Halloween Week, Day 5; Pumpkins

Thanks for reading my week long blog posts for "Halloween Week." I hope you've been able to gather lots of fabulous ideas that you can use in your classroom. 

If you have missed out on the rest of this weeks posts you can find them here;
Day 4; Crafts

So, today is all about using pumpkins in the Classroom. There really are too many learning opportunities for including pumpkins in the Classroom and I really struggled to keep it down to just 5 different ideas. I mean, having a field trip to a pumpkin patch would be absolutely amazing for the kiddos in my class, but unfortunately we have nothing like that here - or anywhere that I know of here in the UK, so I will just have to cope with a twang of jealousy each time one of my American friends posts a picture of themselves at the pumpkin patch!

As always, click on the image to be re-directed to the original source where you can find out all the information on the idea to use in your Class!


How about incorporating a pumpkin book into your session? Read the story with your students, discuss it, then carry out the same as what the story asks - can all your students count the amount of seeds in the pumpkin you have? The learning opportunities are endless or this one!


Measurement can become so boring for our students, so mix it up a little bit, throw in a pumpkin and some blocks and get the students to count how many blocks tall it is, wide it is, who has the tallest/widest etc. There are so many fab ways you can measure the different pumpkins! How about a brainstorming session and listen to all the different ideas/ways that your students can come up with for measuring the pumpkins!


Or how about turning your classroom into a 'Whacky Science Lab' and getting your students to carry out all sorts of different science investigations on your pumpkins!


You could use it as a describing activity, get the students to write up all the different things/features about the pumpkin that you are working with!


Now this, this I love! This is a great way for every student to have their own little 'pumpkin' and to decorate it how they want to. Maybe there can be a competition where the class vote on their favourite/favorite one and then you will carve that design onto an actual pumpkin! 

Hope you've gotten some fun ideas on how you can use pumpkins in your classroom this Halloween! Don't forget, there will be even more Halloween ideas on my blog next week too (Mon-Fri) so be sure to pop back and keep up with all the fun!


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