Technology Tuesday; Removing Image Background in Keynote

So, welcome to week number 7 of my Technology Tuesday.
I can't believe Summer has gone, this is my 2nd week back in Work - that's crazy to think that just a few weeks back I was sunning it up on hols!

Anyway - you know the drill. Every Tuesday I post a Technology Tip, be sure to check back on previous posts that I have done. If you are after anything specific please feel free to leave a comment or email me on and I will add it to my Technology Tuesday List.

This week is all about how to remove background of an image in Keynote. It's super easy to do and so quick! I have just used any image at the moment. Note, some backgrounds that are too fussy may not be removed easily/accurately. It's best when the background is one plain colour for you to get the best results - especially on something like Keynote.

Congratulations - you have successfully removed the background of an image! This can come in handy for so many things - it's a great little tool! Thanks for following through my Technology Tuesday Tip, check back next week for my tip on how to change the shape of an image on Keynote!


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