Technology Tuesday; Adding a Hyperlink to your TpT Product Listing

Welcome to another Technology Tuesday post! 

This week is all about adding a hyperlink to your TpT product listing. 
This is something that I didn't first implement when I was uploading listings to TpT but I quickly learned all about the benefits of having the hyperlink there.

And to be honest, I've since realised when I myself am on there as a buyer - especially for clipart - I use the sellers hyperlinks to look for other other similar clipart and usually end up wish listing or purchasing it! So it's definitely worth having. If a listing is part of a bigger bundle I hyperlink the bundle and then vice versa, in my big bundles I hyperlink the smaller parts that make it up!

Just be sure to hyperlink to keep people in your store, you want buyers browsing your store, not leading away from it!

So, back to the walkthrough, here's how I hyperlink other products in my product listings;

Hope it helps! Let me know if you have any questions!


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  1. I hope I can do this! Thanks! It will be my goal this weekend!


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