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Ok, I admit it, it was so much harder to get back into my usual work routine after returning from our lovely holiday! Plus, we went back to work this week, the first week back is always so exhausting that I haven't been able to get my routine back. But, it is Sunday and I am trying very hard to get back into it! I did try to complete this blog post yesterday (Saturday) but got distracted, so let's just pretend it's still Saturday ;)

So, every Saturday calls for - Spotlight Saturday! Hosted by Kindergarten Dragons. Funnily, this is what I missed the most about blogging while I've been away! I LOVE taking part in Spotlight Saturday, and I love nosing on other's blogs at what they are spotlighting! It is SO much fun to stumble across new products.

Anyway, this week is a bit of a cheat deal for me - oops. 
Please don't shout at me Erin :P 

So, this week I am going to spotlight a product from someone else BUT also my very newest bundle product - one I am super proud of and so excited to have finally got around to completing - but I have wanted to do a blog post for a while explaining all the benefits of it.

Of course, I will then end with a fabulous freebie - let's face it, who doesn't love a freebie?!

1. My newest bundle
So, this has taken me a little while to put together. It's a growing bundle of ALL my word to pic matching resources. Now, if you've ever worked with Special Needs, Autism or even just main stream Kindergarten you'll totally get the importance of these, but you may also not get it! Don't worry if you don't, prepare to be amazed!

So, first up, here it is. 

As I said, it includes all of the ones on my store and will continue to grow - however, the more it grows, the price may go up so be sure to buy it early and then reap the benefits of all the free future updates! You currently get 31 different word to pic products included in this - over 700 pages! And they are for all different topics/subjects/celebrations. I try to include British and American spellings in each - if you use a different word entirely, just let me know! I'll add it in :)

So, basically, what is the purpose of it? Well, I first introduced this to a non verbal student. We knew he was very clever - the stuff he could do was amazing, but he had no speech at all - I mean he could do gestures and a few sounds which you could make out as yes/no etc. but there was no speech at all. So, our first assessment was reading. How on earth can you assess a non verbal child on reading? Well, easy. You introduce things that show you how much they understand. 

In comes - word to pic matching. So basically, you have 2 pages for each activity, one is pictures and one is words of the pictures. Laminate one as your board/base and cut out the word boxes (I suggest laminating them too - it'll keep them stronger!). Now, you can either hand these to the student one by one or leave them on the table and they choose them. They then match the word to the picture. 

As the student progresses, you can make them a bit harder. For example, they may know a lot of different animals - but they've never even heard of an 'antelope' so put in 5 pictures that they recognise then add the antelope. Sure, they won't know what it is - but if they can do all the rest they'll soon learn what an antelope is! Slowly, just introduce harder pieces each time. 

It can be used at the end of sessions to reflect on the vocabulary used or at the start of a session to introduce the vocabulary that will be used. It can be used in speech and language sessions, literacy centres, bingo games, time fillers or eve just a bit of fun. The potential that these have are just endless. They are so quick to put together, then just store them and grab them out! 

2. A product from someone else.

OK, it's not often I stumble across a product and go crazy on how much I want it. But, when I first came across TpT about 2 years ago one resource really stood out. It's still used in class now, the kids love it, it's so much fun and we definitely want more from her! You may know her - Pink Cat Studio.

And the resource, I hear you ask? Her phonics game.

It's a powerpoint game and so much fun. If students get the answer wrong the bee will 'buzz' away, if it's right they will 'YIPEE' - the kids LOVE IT! It's a great learning tool, it seems to go on forever! Perfect as a time filler - especially for early finishers.

But also, with our students, they really do need a break from sitting at the table completing activities, especially if they've been there for a long time, so we will mix it up - do a little bit at the table, then a little bit on the IWB! They love the game - if you have kiddos who you think will like this, literally don't even think about it - just buy it! :)

Now - for a freebie. Let's face it, we all love a freebie. Especially this time of year - we've all been on vacation or been busy doing things over the Summer, it get's expensive, am I right? Especially around back to School time! 

I love things that are a little bit different, which is when I suddenly stumbled across this Complete Sentence Buddy by Stephanie Stewart. It's all about learning about different parts of a sentence - but in a fun and physical way.

I have to confess, it's not something I could use within our class - pout pout. But I just had to share it - I love it! I'm sure one of my readers may be able to use this in their classroom so it's just perfect for me to share! Let's face it, who doesn't love a bit of crafty fun while learning about sentences?! 

Remember, leaving feedback is a great way to help other teachers know whether to download it and to understand more about the quality of a TpT sellers work. If you purchase something on TpT, be sure to leave feedback! You can earn TpT credits which can be put against future purchases on TpT - saving you money! 

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone, have a fabulous week!


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  1. I would never shout! :-) I love reading your Spotlights, you always find such great resources to share with us! I love your word to pic matching cards, that's a great center to have during our Daily 5 rotations! That PowerPoint game from Pink Cat Studio is really awesome too, what a great activity to have my Dragons work on during Computer Center time! And that sentence buddy is perfect for helping to remember the important parts of a sentence!
    Thank you so much for linking up again and sharing such awesome resources with us! I love reading your Spotlights each week!
    I'm glad you had a lovely holiday and were able to get lots of rest and relaxation!

    Kindergarten Dragons


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