Spotlight Saturday, 26.9.15

Don't you just LOVE a Saturday? I mean you get Friday night where you can relax knowing there's no work tomorrow, then all day Saturday you can relax with no work and know there's no work the next day!! 

Saturday's are my FAVE!
But it also means that I get to link up with Kindergarten Dragons for her Spotlight Saturday!!!

This week is a little different than previous weeks, this week I'm discussing a bundle that is really close to my heart!!

So, a little while back, while chatting away with other fabulous teachers involved in the TpT world I came across one particular teacher with a very worthy cause. She was talking about 'Saving the Macaws' and wanted to fundraise for the Tambopata Macaw Project. It really is a worthwhile cause and if you have 5 minutes (after reading my spotlight of course ;)!!) pop on over and check it out.

Why is it so close to my heart?
Because here is our baby Billy..

He, or should I say SHE is a right little menace but is the baby of the family for sure. We found out Billy was a she when she got very very ill a few years back - she even got to be on TV for RSPCA - our own little movie star. Yep, she does have her own bowl of Sunday lunch every Sunday to eat with us.

Anyway, back to the spotlight. The teacher who wanted to raise money decided to involve as many of us teachers as possible to donate a resource/activity to her and she will bundle them up and sell them all. So, I went away and created a parrot work book!

You can find this at my store or as part of this amazing bundle.

Can you believe the bundle is worth a WHOPPING $98 but it's yours for just $25?! And all the funds goes to this amazing project!

This bundle is just for K-2 but there are also bundles for different ages;

Don't forget - every bundle without a price next to it is just $25 yet worth SO much more. All funds will be going to this amazing project.

There are also other bits for sale with the funds going to this project that are a bit smaller priced;

Thanks for reading my Spotlight. Although a little bit different and not to everyones interests I would so appreciate anyone who is able to pop on over and check out the amazing resources up for sale to help this fabulous project or even pop over to their website and see how you can get involved or what they are all about!



  1. What a wonderful fundraising idea for such a worthy cause! She-Billy (lol) is gorgeous! Your Parrot Book looks very cute and fun.

    1. Thanks - we haven't been able to change her name because she responds to it! Although it is always a bit odd when she's sat going "billy boy, billy good boy" LOL! :)

  2. People in special education have big hearts! Good luck with your fundraiser!

    1. Thanks, the woman who is running it is doing well, especially for her to put so much time into putting all this together :)


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