Spotlight Saturday 12.9.15

Another Saturday has come around so quick! Meaning, it's time for my favourite linky, hosted by the fabulous Kindergarten Dragons

That's right.. It's Spotlight Saturday!

Be sure to head on over to her page and check out what everyone is Spotlighting this week! It's a great chance to find new and fabulous activities/resources that you may have never seen before!!

This week i'm sharing one paid and one free product (as always!), it's a great way to find new things for your classroom!

I have to apologise in advance, it's a bit of a short, sweet and quick one this week - i'm suffering with my back and can't sit for long times! I'm trying to struggle through but it's not working - eek!

So, let's start with the paid product. 
This week, it just has to be from the fabulous Pink Cat Studio!

We have been using lots of her powerpoint games in class with the kiddos and they LOVE it !! We have got lots of fab new ones to use with them - they are so much fun, interactive, bright and colourful - I really recommend getting one to try out in your classroom - you certainly won't regret it!

Especially the counting one with the bee superheroes! It's so cute!

How could you not love her games?! As soon as we put them on our kiddos are excited and they all take part! And that is saying something! She has a huge variety of different games available - especially her CVC games !! Those are a big favourite!

And the freebie of the week..

Students have to find and colour the shapes that they can see! A great, fun learning activities which requires no prep!

It's made by Eye Popping Fun Resources, be sure to head on over and check out the store!



  1. Hi Nikki, sorry to hear about your back! Hope you feel better soon!
    I have tried Pink Cat Studio games before, and they are always a big hit!! I didn't see the one with counting though, but it looks great!
    Thank you for sharing the shapes unit! Perfect timing!!!

    1. No problems! Hope the shapes unit comes in handy for you :) Thanks for popping by!


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