OK, I can JUST about breathe with excitement!!!


OMG I love it, I knew I would love it as soon as the idea came to me late one night. I searched and searched and found nothing like it anywhere, so thought i'd give it a go! I fell in love with it, I got it made, ready and set it up then gave it to a friend who took it to her school for different children in different classes to use.


This is when I knew I was too excited to wait until November to upload it. I had to upload it NOW! And I had to pull it on my blog too - so I could share the photos of it in action with you all!

If you are interested in looking at it or purchasing it (thank you if you do, you won't believe how grateful I am for each sale) here is the link or click the photo below.

So, it is very much themed all around Christmas. It comes complete with everything you need - except a storage bag and laminating sheets!!

It does take a bit of prep to print, cut, laminate etc. I really do recommend laminating it - it will last so much longer - trust me! If you can't laminate the board as it's too big then print it out on thicker card - just to extend it's life a little bit!

IF you purchase the item, you'll realise that the PDF file comes in normal paper size, you can either enlarge it to print or print it normal then enlarge it in a photocopier. I decided to do it this way as I realised that a lot of people actually don't have access to a large printing printer, BUT they do have access to a large printing photocopier - so I thought this way was just a little easier!

You'll also notice, everyone has different printers which perform different ways. The cards - Elf Wish and Community Elfer are supposed to be printed double sided, for some reason, some printers do this perfect - others not so much! You are welcome to try printing double sided or print single sided then stick them together before you laminate them - this will also make them an extra bit thicker so may be worth the extra page of printing and cutting!

So, once it's set up, here's a few pictures of it in action below, you'll notice it was played on the carpet - this is up to you, you can play it on the floor/carpet/table wherever you want to play it!

These are the instructions that are included (for the children), they are nice and quick reads, simple and clear to ensure the children are able to clearly understand the rules.

Here are some examples of what children will find on the 'Elf Wish' cards.

Here are some examples of what children will find on the 'Community Elfer' cards. These cards are all about other players in the game getting the chance to win some rewards! (Info can be found on instruction sheets!)

Here are the property boards - this is what students purchase from the bank. 

Trust me and many other children who have taken part playing in this game - you'll definitely get into the Christmas spirit while having lots of fun!

And can you believe the bargain price it is? Just $3.50!


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