Fun with Letters!

How do you teach your students letters?
Do you sit at a desk with a pen and pencil or do you incorporate something fun?

A lot of people within the education sector say how children will remember something more if it was fun or they enjoyed taking part in it.

So, why not sit down and look around your classroom. 
What do you see? What is set up for the students?

Today, we'll look at letters and a couple of ideas to get you thinking.
What do you need to do to start?

Just print out some letters on individual pieces of paper and laminate them. Then prepare to be amazed with what you can do with them from just looking around your class or home or even just the cheap part of a store!

Now, you can either set up one work station or you can set up lots of different work stations and have different materials on each. For example.

Table 1 could be used whiteboard pens to write on the letters..

Table 2 could have pasta shapes and they are building the letters out of pasta.

If you're wondering how gone off our pasta is because it's green - don't be alarmed! You can dye pasta different colours or paint them so easily, and it makes them so much fun! Then just store them in little tubs so that they are easy to grab throughout the year! They're great to have stored ready!

So, table 1 is great for those who are confident or not confident with a pen. It will help to build their fine motor skills, to gain more control when using their pen and the ability to try to stay inside the lines while all the time forming the shape of the letter. You can encourage them to do all sorts from here - what is the letter? what starts with this letter? etc.

Table 2 could be students who aren't quite ready for letter formation yet using a pen. You can use anything you want, this photo shows pasta. You can get them to pile it all up or put them individually as the photo shows - so long as they are forming and learning about the letter it doesn't matter!

Other materials you can use are; sand, coloured rice, play dough, crazy foam, shells, stones, sticks, leaves - incorporate the outdoors! Go for an adventure walk around the playground, pick up different materials and then make letters out of them!

How about hole punching some holes throughout the letters and then using string to thread through them?

The more adventurous you get - the more fun your children have!
What's the worst that can happen? You have to tidy up! Make it a game! Get all the children involved - they'll love it!


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