Fun & Games 16.9.16

So, it recently struck me, while meeting up with other professionals that hardly any one plays 'games' in PE sessions or even outdoor sessions with their students anymore, either that or they are the same old ones they use over and over again, their children are bored of them etc.

SO, I decided, maybe I'd do a few blog posts over the next month or two about different games that can be done with students, and how it will also help them develop and/or what learning achievements/targets you can link to the games.

If anyone wants to link up and add any ideas of games that they like to play with their students - please feel free to do so at the bottom of this post! You can also use the following picture/button to promote our fun and games to other teachers who might be interested!

 It's great to work together and all learn new ideas from each other - it means our students will have SO much more fun trying out new games!

So, this weeks game is the 'Fancy Dress Race' - be warned, this game will cause a lot of giggles!! 

This game is pretty simple really, split your kiddos up into teams - they can be as big/small as you want and as spread out as you like - depending on the space you have available. I tend to recommend teams of around 3 - 5 kiddos, but it's totally up to you and how you feel your class will deal with this.

Next, set up a start line and finish line. All the players in all the teams start at the start line - just to avoid any confusion! 

Now, from the start line to the finish line, you are going to leave a trail of clothes for the students to put on - OH YES LOL! I usually recommend, top, coat/jacket, bottoms, hat and shoes - any of your choice, totally up to you. Just make sure it's fair and all the teams have the same amount of clothing available.

If you have funds or fancy dress items available - great include these! If not, totally don't worry, any clothes you can get hold of are great! Be sure to encourage students that when getting dressed - everything has to be on properly - the right way, zipped up, buttoned up etc.

So basically the first child in each team goes first. 
((It's a one at a time thing y'all - but if you want it to be more - go for it! You don't have to abide by these rules - make your own version up!))

The child has to make their way through all the clothing, putting it all on, making sure it's all on properly - the right way around, on the right part of the body, zips done up, buttons done up etc. Once they are fully dressed they make their way to the finish line - the first one there and dressed correctly is the winner!

Then goes the next person etc etc. You can either put back the clothes or if you're lucky to have enough clothes to keep on going then just throw new clothes in and set the next lot off!

You can keep track on a board so at the end of the session, all the children have to work out the points and who won! So you're involving some math too!

So, what are the learning outcomes/targets that can be met?
Fine motor skills, gross motor skills, life skills, social skills, math, language - getting them to shout out what they are putting on, where they are putting it, what colour it is etc..

The list is endless, you can really just link it to just about anything! :) 

Let me know if you give it a go! And if you have any fab games that you like to do with your kiddos be sure to link up at the bottom of this post and share it with us all! Be sure to check back next week for another fab game post!


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