Currently.. SEPTEMBER!

Woohoo, I have FINALLY got around to taking part in this months Currently. I'm telling you, it's been so hard to get back into my work routine after our vacation and first full week back in work! So it's a little late for me, but i'm glad to be taking part!

So, this fabulous linky is hosted by Oh Boy 4th Grade. Loads of fab bloggers take part and it is so much fun to hop around and view everyones blogs - seriously, if you have a spare few moments - do it! There's nothing more fascinating than having a look into other peoples lives and building new friendships! 

So, here is my currently. It's pretty self explanatory this time - a first for me, as most of you know, I can type for Wales! Once I start, I just can't stop!

So, basically i'm just listening to the TV in the background, i'm sat on the table just typing along on my blog, drinking out of my huge giants cup - it keeps me going, seriously! The less trips to the kitchen means less distractions from work!

Loving... we have NEVER been able to take a holiday in Christmas - ever. But Nath thinks his works might let him take one next Christmas, and i'm going to try book some time off work! We are hoping to get some extra ££ together, as we are also off on hols again this April!

Thinking.. about swimming tomorrow. Every Friday morning we take our kiddos swimming - except for the winter months! I am not a fan of the public pool, so this is constantly on my mind on a Thursday night.

Wanting.. to start Christmas shopping. All those out there who know me, will know this is not like me. We go away on vacation every year in April and then August. On my April hols I usually do ALL my christmas shopping - so far i've only gotten 2 presents ! I'm freaking out and need to make a start - seriously!

Needing.... to dry my hair. ARGH, long hair issues, am I right? It's so long and thick, I just can't face drying it. It's been left to dry on it's own for the past 4 hours and it's still not dry, looks like i'm going to have to pull out the hair dryer before I hop into bed - URGH!

3 goals...
- work on my to do list, I currently have around 200 items that I want to make for my TpT store, but it's just getting around to doing them!
- healthy eating, OK so this is a bit of a fib, because i'm always a healthy eater in one sense, but lately my portion sizes etc have become much bigger and i'm snacking a lot more through the day, I need to get back to my good eating ready for our April hols - I still haven't shifted our August hols weight!
- blogging. I must get back into my blogging, I love it so much, yet, as mentioned earlier, I'm really finding it hard to get back into my routine at the moment! I'm hoping over the next few weeks things will settle and i'll get back into it!

So, have you done the September currently yet? What are you up to? Do you have any goals?! Get in touch, I love to hear from y'all!



  1. I live about an hour away from Disney in Orlando. Hope you get to go! It's so fun.

    Daisy Designs

  2. Our goals are so similar! My to-do list is not as long...yet, but who knows, I really just started to make it a habit. Trying to eat healthy too, every day is a challenge. And I am new to this whole blogging thing, so trying to even create a habit. Good luck to you!


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