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Wow - how quick has the time gone? It seems like 5 minutes ago I was all geared up with the end of the year resources, although I'm going to be a little nasty here because I still have another 4 fabulous weeks of Summer to go! 

So keep your eyes peeled - this means proper time for creating fab new resources! But first..

I am teaming up with a fabulous group of teachers for a Back to School Linky party. In this one, I am going to discuss my best ever selling resource and my favorite back to school resource!

So, up first, my best ever selling resource! To be honest, this one is always bit of a surprise for me - I never could have imagined it would be my best ever seller!

It is a whopping 93 pages in total. It consists of; handwriting practice, missing letters worksheets, scrambled letters worksheets and word to picture matching.

Grab it now for a great price! This is on my summer to do list to have an amazing make over! You're not going to want to miss it!

Here is one of the word to picture matching worksheets. Students have to recognise the image and match it to the CVC word on the right hand side. 

Handwriting practice! These are great for daily sessions, each day has a different word, they have to be able to recognise and circle it from a group of different words, then over write it and then handwrite it themselves!

So, this has just recently undergone a bit of fine tweaking from last year. It's full of fab, fun activities as well as stuff for you!

Here are some of the worksheets filled in my students. They're lots of fun - the children loved doing them! Especially when they had the chance to draw their friends! - that brought endless laughs!

There's also a calendar included for you! (also comes in black and white option.)

The Back to School bundle includes a total of 189 whopping pages consisting of;
* About me worksheet (comes editable)
* About my teacher worksheet (comes editable)
* Calendar from July 2015 - July 2016 (comes editable)
* Find a friend worksheet
* Getting to know you worksheet
* Summer journal entry
* Meet the teacher (comes editable)
* My neighbour worksheet
* My neighbor worksheet
* Newsletter templates for ALL year (comes editable)
Planning; daily and weekly (comes editable)
* Acrostic poem worksheets - 7 options
* Ballet teddy bear reward chart
* Spaceship boy reward chart
* Spaceship girl reward chart
* Word to Pic School matching

This is a bargain price at just $6 for all that is included! The newsletter templates are just $4 on their own!

Don't forget, that on the 3rd and 4th August there is a BTS sale on TpT! You can grab the resources in my store for a whopping 28% off!!!


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