Technology Tuesday; Schedule Blogger Posts

Woohoo, week number 4 of Technology Tuesday! This has been so much fun and I'm loving the feedback I'm having on how helpful they have been so far. Don't forget if there's something you would love to see on here just email me and I'll be more than happy to add it to my growing list!

So Technology Tuesday consists of me sharing tips/walkthroughs on how to do different things! This week is all about how to schedule blogger posts! This is an amazing feature and so many people don't actually know that they can do this! It's a life saver, especially when you want to write a few different posts at once but want to spread them out over a few weeks - even when you're away, then you forget! Argh there is nothing worse! So just use the schedule bit provided and never miss out! Follow my instructions below on how to do this!

Hope this helps - it certainly saves a lot of time and is great to be able to schedule posts to be done to your blog when you are prepared in advance/away etc.

Check back next week for tips on how to change page size on Keynote!


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