Technology Tuesday; How to Add a Link to your Photo

Welcome to my 2nd weekly Technology Tuesday post.
My aim each week is to be able to post something to help others with Technology.

If you missed last weeks post on how to add an image to your blog post please click here.

So, today's post is all about how to add a link to your image on Blogger.
Sorry to all those with word press, I've never before used word press and wouldn't know where to start to advise you, so this is for all you bloggers!

So, for example. I have this picture of my convo prompt cards. I want it to link to the product listing on my TpT store. First of all, upload your photo..

Then follow the instructions below;

Be sure to check back for next weeks Technology Tuesday tip on how to add a link to text in your blog post! (11th August)


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