Technology Tuesday; Change Page Size on Keynote

Welcome to the fifth week of Technology Tuesday!

It's been so much fun and rewarding knowing how many people I have been helping each week! The support is fab to receive. Don't forget if there's anything you'd like to see, send me an email on and I will add it to my list! 

This week is all about changing the page size on keynote. When I first changed from Windows to Macbook, Keynote was so confusing! I can remember spending ages trying to figure out how to change the paper size! Please bear in mind that the page size I am going to put in is for A4 as here in the UK that is the main paper size we use. The paper size on keynote is in pts if you're unsure the size you need google 'a4 paper in pts' or whatever paper size you need in 'pts.'

Thanks for reading my newest Technology Tips. Check back next Tuesday (1st September) for tips on how to make sure you export your Keynote pages accurately to PDF.


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