Sunday Scoop 30th August 2015

Well, I can't tell you how much I have missed taking part in these fabulous linky parties since being away on vacation! We just got back this past Wednesday and I have been trying so hard to get back into reality mode! It took me 2 days to upload all my new TpT products! Phew!

This week i'm linking up with Cassie at Teaching Trio, hop over and check out the blog and her Sunday scoop!

So, here is my Sunday Scoop..

So, I have quite a lot on this week. 


We start back in our Schools Tuesday, I managed to pick up some bits and bobs for back to School time before we went away, but I still have some things to pick up -eek!! I am so last minute! This calls for a quick pop into some shops tomorrow or tuesday I think to pick up those last few bits.

I must also remember to pick up some foodie items for lunch in Work. After my huge holiday binge I definitely need to go back to my salads for a little while! Of course, in preparation for our next holiday!

My to-do list is around 15 a4 pages long. I kid you not. This is the amount of ideas I have for new resources that I just haven't got around to making yet, I have so much beautiful clipart ready to make all these resources so I must get myself motivated! I'm going to force myself to make at least 2 tomorrow!


Me and Nath have some exciting plans happening in the next few years - but it's a secret sorry guys! However, it does mean some serious saving. So we are going down to open a joint savings account and put our so far savings in and add to it each month. TpT is going to be a God send I can feel it! 

Finish sorting house. Oh god, the words are scaring me alone. We are having a HUGE clear out in the house, no word of a lie we filled out big jeep to the tip this week, i have about 10 boxes to go to bootsale, i had over 60 yankee candle items for sale which have now almost gone, that was without old dvds, games etc. It is crazy how much you can accumulate without even realising it! And the attic? Oh god, don't get me started, it took a full day!


Put cash into savings. YAY! While cleaning out the house we have made some ££££ by selling some of our items! Woohoo, good news all around! So all of that will be going into savings for our secret!!

What is your scoop for this week? Let me know!
It's so good to be back blogging!



  1. I love that you said you need to get "bits and bobs" for the week! I saw that you teach in the UK! I spent 3 summers in London and Exeter and LOVED It. I hope your savings goes great! TPT is such a great resource. I'll have to go check out your store. Hope you have a great week!!
    Ms. Pretzel's 2nd Grade Bugs

  2. I know what you mean about stashes of clip art! There's always one more thing to create.


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