Math Tip Monday; Back to School Math Ideas

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The first topic is - you guessed it - Back to School Math Ideas.

Now this feels a little weird for me.. Mainly because I'm only now in the middle of my Summer holidays here in the UK so it feels weird to be thinking of Back to School! It's very confusing getting used to different timings of the School Year!

So I wanted to be a little bit different and post some fun math ideas that I have stumbled across while browsing the big bad web lately! I think going back to School can be so tiring and hard, getting students back into the routine of things - and then having to actually teach - SHOCK HORROR! So a little bit of fun goes a long way - plus it's commonly known that children learn best through play - right?!

Anyway, first up..

Build a dinosaur out of shapes! Click the photo to be directed to the page it came from. This is sure to be a lot of fun and keep students involved and focused. I mean, who doesn't love dinosaurs? You can introduce so much with this - colors, shapes, counting, differentiating, the list is endless! Students will be having so much fun making different dinosaurs they probably won't even notice that they are being taught maths!

Displays! Click photo to be directed to the page it came from.
Displays are a huge part of the classroom. You need them to be fun, interesting, eye-catching, learning-worthy but most of all not too busy, not too distracting - it's such a hard thing to get right!

But something fun like this? Spot on! It's bright and colourful but not overboard. It's simple yet fun!

Odd Todd and Even Steven! Click photo to be directed to the page it came from.  Let's face it - how fabulous is this?! You can use this for so many different things, sorting numbers, sorting shapes - even number of sides, odd number of ships, sorting counters - 5 counters v 6 counters.

Counting Octopus! Click picture to be directed to the page it came from. This is so much fun! For a start, we all know kiddos love doing arty crafty things - so this is just perfect to keep them occupied if you want to go the full hog! Then to add little counters/sequins on it counting - so much fun! They're counting without even knowing it!

How fun is this? Students can either make the craft or you can get it prepared. Then students have to write down all the different ways that they can show/make the number in the middle!!

I hope you enjoy the fun back to school math resources that I have stumbled along. Be sure to click on the images to be re-directed to the source and to read more info on each activity. I hope you all have a great year!


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