Full Moon; Autism

This is a little bit of a post just from my experiences. I am not an expert, I am not a doctor, I am not a Scientist, no this hasn't proved to be real, but I'm just going from experience - what all of us in the Autism World do - right? We learn, day by day, and from each other!

So, the full moon. What is it about the full moon?! 

Every since I started working with Autism, around the Full Moon there has always been some crazy goings on. The children always seem to go that extra bit crazy, they're more sensitive to things and just a whole lot more unpredictable and sensitive! Everyone says it! Staff that we work with, professionals who come in and even the families of the children themselves - always joke about the full moon effect!

During the full moon we see a lot more behaviours for sure, the children seem to be much more sensitive and their triggers happen much more regularly and quickly. 

We also get a lot of reports from families how the child(ren) have had worse nights sleep during a full moon. Their appetite can completely go missing and not eat all day/night! 

We keep constant daily behavioural charts on each of our students and if you look back, around the full moon there is definitely consistent changes in the students behaviours! Crazy, right?

I always try to keep up to date and look to see if anything has ever come from it research wise, but alas, nothing really. I'd love to hear from others working with or living with autism! How do you find the full moon effects the people you know?!


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