But, he doesn't look autistic?

Let's face it, our worst nightmare, right?
As if having to go through this overtime someone wants to now why your child does XYZ, you explain about autism and all your child's traits, what it means, you really open yourself and your child up, you make yourselves vulnerable.

For someone to turn around and say 'but, he/she doesn't look autistic?'

ARGHH. Ok breath. Let's face it, from a personal point of view, I think autism is more well known than it used to be, but we have a long way to go, there are still people out there who have no idea what autism is - or even that it exists! It takes time, and us to continue what we do to promote autism. 

So, what does autism look like?

What does you non-autistic child look like? Yep, an autistic child can look just like that! They don't have 'autism' tattooed on their forehead, they may not physically look 'different' from a mainstream child, they may not be in wheelchairs etc. Let's face it, our children are not just 'autistic', they are children too. Autism is just part of who they are.

However, you will soon find, that through years of living with or working with autism, you will start to pick up tell tale signs and recognise others around you who may be autistic.

However, don't ever think you're the autism expert. Every day presents a new trait of autism, every child differs from the next. There is no one 'type' of autism, there is no one definite 'trait' that makes a child autistic.

You see, when you have the flu, it's easy, right? You know the signs, they're pretty much the same for everyone, diagnose it straight away, easy. Autism isn't. The spectrum is so wide, ever changing and so many different ways/traits to factor in that I would be here until next year just listing the ones i'm aware of, that's without others around the World adding little traits that their loved ones with autism do! 

It is only when people are fully educated on and aware of autism that society will be fully accepting and understanding.


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