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It's so crazy to think that in a weeks time I will be jetting off for my summer holidays, while many teachers around the World go back to School! Although, many are like me, still off for another few weeks - wahoo for us!

So, in true teacher blogger fashion, there is the most wonderful back to School blog hop taking place! There is the most fabulous giveaway taking place with lots of fab resources up for grabs! Thank you to the wonderful Tammy at The Owl Teacher for hosting such a great blog hop! It's going to be lots of fun, be sure to check out everyones posts!

So, first up, I thought I'd share with you a little bit of what our first day back at School looks like;

9am; children arrive with escorts/taxi, they are brought to our classroom door.
9.05am; sit for morning interactive powerpoint greeting and brain break songs
9.15am; multiple stations are opened up around the classroom for a round robin style day of fun activities. This includes sensory activities, art, cause/effect toys, building blocks etc. It's to help us gauge what the children are most interested in - by finding out what they enjoy most, we find out what motivates them, which helps us find out how to get them motivated to work more! It also gives staff time to bond, get to know the children and to see if the children will interact with each other. 
10am; snack time. Children and staff sit around the table, PECs/communication aides are provided for children of the ability, one child has speech and will ask for what he wants with speech. 
10.20am; playtime, children are directed to the playground with staff.
10.40am; back to class, children have some free choice and take part in different activities which will have been changed from this morning. This can be things like; cooking, messy play etc.
11.55am; children are called to sit in the whiteboard area, the dinner song is played to help children transition for dinner in the hall
12-12.30pm; children are in the hall for their dinner
12.30-1pm; children are outside for play
1-2pm; children take part in more activities around the classroom, more toys are brought out, books, music, dressing up clothes etc. 
2-2.20pm; children sit around the table for snack, same as earlier
2.20 - 2.40pm; children are outside for afternoon play
2.40-3pm; children are split into groups, some take part in brain breaks songs while others go to multi sensory room for sensory activities, then swap over.
3-3.10; different cool down songs are played on the whiteboard, children sit to watch, this can also be interactive books etc.
3.15pm; goodbye songs are played to help transition children to go home. Children are collected by taxi/escort from the classroom door.

There is lots of tidying up to do after the first few days! It's all about bonding with the children, finding out what they like and more about them! Our children are individuals and we need to be able to fully understand their needs before throwing them into work. 

Next up, communication. Do you feel that you communicate with children's parents/families well enough through the year? Do they know what is happening? What the children have done? It can be so hard to write to individual parents - for us, we only have 7 in a class so it's pretty easy at the end of the day to write in 7 home school books, but if you have a large class - not so easy! So how about newsletters? These are great to send home to let parents know what's happening, what's coming up, any important dates, reminders etc. And you can buy a full years worth of editable newsletters right here!

The newsletters are themed for each month, there are also some multiple choice options for months for celebrations etc - your personal choice. They come in colour or black and white options - did I mention they're editable? You can add your own text into them, photos etc!

Stand out this year and be that teacher all the families ave about!

Or, do you like to be a bit crafty during those first few days back? What about a little craftivity? 

Children (or you) cut out all the parts - comes with lots of different options - colour them in, write in whatever you like in the box or draw something, handprints etc. stick it altogether and you're done!

Kiddos love to be crafty and creative so what better way than this!?
Available here.

Or, let's get down to the real nitty gritty nightmare for parents everywhere. School lunches - I feel your pain!!! So why not check out this fabulous site for all different ideas? Just click on the photo to see more!

It's good to be prepared - right?!

Now, let's throwback to what I was doing this time last year - Summer 2014. We love Dubai and so we returned there as a last minute idea (I say last minute we booked in May but that's very last minute for me!!).

We stayed in the Atlantis, Dubai. It was absolutely magical, if you ever have the opportunity to go there! Do it! We were treated like royalty the entire time, nothing will ever compare! And to top it off on the way home we were upgraded to First Class on our flights - bliss!! 

Here are some pictures from our holiday to Dubai last Summer.


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  1. I love that your kiddos get so much outdoor play time. I really think that kids don't get enough time to run around! Also, thanks for the link to the lunches. I am always struggling in that area!

    1. We are guilty of trying to put as much outside as possible, in the summer when it's warm we will take our tables outside in our little outdoor area and the kiddos do work outside! So much fun :)

  2. I love your craftivity... of course, I love ALL craftitivies! :) The photos of your vacation were fun to view- what an amazing vacation!!

    1. Thanks - craft is a big thing in our class! We are always doing something arty! Thanks! I wish we were going back it was the best holiday I ever had!

  3. I love how many activities and songs you include in transitioning kids! And your holidays seem amazing!!!

    1. Thanks, transition is a huge thing in our class we have so many things to help the kiddos! Makes the day run much smoother for them :)

  4. Dubai? Sounds really interesting, but I'm curious, why do you love Dubai so much? I've never been there.
    You have some great ideas! Thanks for sharing.
    Sandra's Savvy Teaching Tips

    1. We have been there 3 times now in 2 years and intend on going back next year - we will find the money for it LOL! It's fabulous out there and it's really hard to explain until you go and see it for yourself, the first time we went I booked it for my partner for his birthday as he had gone on about it for ages after seeings his friends pictures, we fell in love instantly! Everyone is so lovely, friendly, happy to help you out, things really aren't as expensive out there as is made out to be, the whole place is absolutely beautiful and so well looked after. Me and my partner don't like the whole nightclub scene etc so this fits us perfectly, I just can't put it into words! :)

  5. Great Ideas...I love the newsletters. Also, great school lunch ideas!


    1. Thanks, newsletters are so great for keeping in touch with parents/families! :)

  6. I love your craftivity idea for back to school, and I agree that communicating with our kiddos' families is so important! Thanks so much for sharing a glimpse into your day!
    I hope you have an amazing summer holiday and are able to relax and recharge!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

    1. Thanks Erin for your kind comments! :)

  7. I love your brain breaks! I had a another teacher give me a cup full of brain break ideas and I can't wait to use them this year. Thanks for the lunch ideas! I always struggle with what to feed kids once school starts.

    1. Thanks - they are fabulous! Brain breaks are so important through the day - you won't believe the difference that they make! :)

  8. love the lunch ideas and craft!! thank you for sharing :)


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