Back to School, Nikki Style.

Hi Overseas Teachy Friends!
So it's that time of year for you all - time to get that alarm clock back on, lay out your clothes and get set for that First Day Back. Although, some of you have already gone back. Do you know how crazy, weird it is trying to get used to all these different school times?! Crazy. 

I will think of you all while I am still relaxing and putting my feet up getting ready for my upcoming vacation! (This is revenge for all those painful posts where I had to watch overseas teachy friends off on their Summer Hols while we were still in School here - boohoo!)

So, are you ready? If not, I'm here to help don't worry. A bunch of us teachies have teamed together for an AMAZING blog hop! It's hosted by the fabulous Heidi at Droppin' Knowledge. There are lots of resources up for grabs in a rafflecopter so be sure to take part on the bottom of this post and check out everyone else's back to school ideas! So, let's get started!

Do you have your classroom all neat and organised yet? Just to your liking? Even though you hold your breath every day hoping that it still looks that way at the end - it won't, trust me!

Now then, hang on tight because here are some great resources that are just perfect for your classroom for back to School. Well, maybe not perfect - but they're super cute and fun!

Up first.. let's talk superheroes.

I have a superhero teacher binder/planner and it's EDITABLE guys!!
Click photo to be re-directed to download. It literally includes everything you could think of - if you think of something you need that's not on there, drop me an email and I'll be happy to add it! It's sure to keep you super organised this year!

And to keep up the superhero theme, we also have superhero letter flashcards! These letter flashcards come with a super funky superhero border (again from the fabulous Krista Wallden at Creative Clips) they're lots of fun and great to go in the Classroom! Click the photo to be directed to the download.

Don't forget there are lots of different themes of binders available, all editable. Just click the photos to be directed to the download.

I even gave Spanish a bit of a go! It's been proof read to ensure the translation is correct, but just in case you find any concerns just send me an email!

And of course some different style letter flashcards;

Then, how about some morning work fun? Perfect for students with ASD..


With 25 pages in total, two difficulty levels, this is just perfect to introduce at the start of the year! Plus students can even personalise it by either creating a face on the front of by putting their picture there! You can either print these day by day to complete, or as I recommend, get the printer, laminator and velcro ready, laminate and velcro them then put them together as a book for prolonged use.

Or perhaps you're worried your students will have first day jitters? Not sure if they're going to all be a bit too shy to talk to each other and make friends? Change can be huge and it can be so hard for little ones to make friends, so how about some little group work/pairs and these fabulous convo prompt cards?

There are a total of 60 different prompt cards included, all come in color or black and white option. I would recommend cutting and laminating to prolong their life span and keep them for times throughout the year!

These are lots of fun, they're sure to build conversations and that's all you want!

Then there's my year long and editable newsletters!!!

Oh yes, that's right - YEAR ROUND! Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with families. They can be so much fun, a way to broadcast and show off what you have been learning about in class, upcoming important events, dates etc. It comes in so many different options; colour, black and white, with titles, without titles but most of all every single page is editable so you can add your text and images - great right?!

And last but certainly not least..

So this is packed full of different things just perfect for getting you sorted for your First Day or even that first week!

Here are just some of the activities included in the Back to School Bundle completed by some fabulous little ones. They really enjoyed the activities - they're lots of fun, especially drawing other students in the class! It is a bargain price and also includes the all year round editable newsletters! So an absolute bargain price!

And now.. how about something fun, crafty and looks great?

Isn't this just the cutest thing ever? Click the picture to be directed to the pin where I found this fabulous, fun activity! 

Have a fabulous School year everyone, enjoy your First Day back! (If it hasn't happened yet - everyone goes back at different times it's crazy!)

Don't forget to enter the rafflecopters below - there's the chance for you to win my conversation prompt cards as well as some other fabulous resources!


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  1. I like to know all of the goals and objectives for incoming students and have work prepared that they can do easily on the first day of school.


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