Autism and Eating

Let's face it this is one of the hardest things to tackle with Autism!
It's easy for a lot of people to say; he'll eat when he's hungry, but as a parent I suppose this just isn't what you want to hear! You're a parent, of course you're going to start to worry if your child isn't eating. It's instinct.

So today, a few different ideas that I have seen to help with this issue and for you to try out! They may not work but it's worth a go, right!?

Does your child have issues with food touching? How about using a cupcake/muffin baking tray to separate different foods. This can be so quick to put together and you can rotate it, add different foods to it. Also great for snack times etc. It stops the foods touching each other - which we all know can be an issue for some of our kids!

You can also get them in lunchbox style. Although the baking tray will work just as well - this might be good when sending in packed lunch.

You may have noticed in the previous pictures how parents have tried to 'fun-ify' the food. This can make the food more attractive to the kids, if it doesn't look very nice - they probably won't try it!

Whatever they like see if you can get cutters, moulds etc. to match it. I once knew of a child who would only eat food if it was in the shape of a train! His mother was absolutely amazing and so creative with different foods made into the shape of trains! Here are a few different examples.

Great! Right?! Sure it will take a little bit longer to prepare each day - but it is going to totally be worth it!

Another one we often come across is children that will only eat a certain colour food. Yep, it's official, I've known a few who will only eat food that is brown. BROWN. Do you know how crazy hard that colour food is to come across!? But of course nowadays there's such a thing as food colouring. Truly great!

Blue rice!! Who would have thought it!? 

Sometimes it's easier to get the kids to try a new food by sneaking a little bit of it into their normal food without them noticing. I don't know how many times i've managed to sneak a few beans, peas or gravy into a bit of mash! Although this takes ninja skills, trust me, those kids ain't dull! They gonna be watching you like a Hawk!  But it's great for this - they may not even realise they're trying it!

Why not start baking with your child? it doesn't have to be anything amazing, out of this world, master chef style, just something fun and to get your child touching new foods, different textures etc. We had a child who would not eat anything except cheese and onion crisps, i'm not even lying. And you could not get him to eat anything - genuine. But one day while cooking away, he started to pick at a rice krispie - just one but WHO CARES IT'S A RICE KRISPIE! You can imagine the happy dances going on. Then when making swamp cups (don't ask) he started to pick at fizzy sweets and laces! (Granted not the healthiest - but 
he 's trying new things.) Cooking is a great way to encourage new textures and it is so much fun!!! Don't forget to lick that spoon!! 

What tips have you got to helping your child eat? It's so much fun to share ideas and can really help each other out!! Let's face it, we've all found sneaky little ways that we never thought would work - but do! 


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